Indian Restaurant in Norway donates Earnings to help India

A popular Indian restaurant in Norway kindly donated a day’s worth of income in order to help India’s ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Indian Restaurant in Norway donates earnings to help India f

"Indian restaurant New Delhi gives income"

An Indian restaurant in Norway has offered its help to India’s Covid-19 crisis by donating a day’s worth of earnings.

India’s Covid-19 second wave has seen a surge in cases, with hundreds of thousands of people testing positive on a daily basis.

Hospitals have become overwhelmed while medical provisions such as oxygen are in short supply.

Numerous charities, celebrities and organisations are raising funds to help India manage the crisis.

Now, an Indian restaurant in Oslo, Norway, has donated a day of income to help India.

The renowned restaurant is named New Delhi and is owned by a Punjab-born restauranteur. The restaurant is known for its tandoori dishes as well as curries.

On April 30, 2021, the restaurant decided to donate the day of earnings to India’s Covid-19 crisis.

The funds were given to Khalsa Aid and it will be used to buy oxygen cylinders.

Despite being closed due to lockdown, takeaway sales at the restaurant continue. On the day, sales amounted to £4,700.

News of the generous donation were revealed by former diplomat and environment minister Erik Solheim.

He took to Twitter to praise the restaurant.

He wrote: “Solidarity!

“Oslo’s lead Indian restaurant New Delhi gives income from Friday sale to provide oxygen in Delhi through Khalsa Aid.

“Restaurant is lockdown closed but take away sales amounted to 54 000 NOK, that its 482000 rupees.”

The tweet went viral and netizens appreciated the act of kindness.

One person said he had been to Oslo in the past and the people there were extremely helpful, writing:

“Yes sir! I had been there in 2019. Wonderful and helpful people of Oslo!”

Another person commented: “Great. Gratitude.”

A third said: “Very good work.”

Oxygen cylinders will be purchased with the money and will be provided to the most vulnerable people in Delhi where the Covid-19 situation is severe.

Celebrities like Amir Khan have also launched an emergency appeal to help India.

The boxer gave his support through his Amir Khan Foundation.

The foundation, along with NGO Dasra and One Family Global, identified five organisations across India to help offer crucial support.

They are Swasti, SaveLIFE Foundation, Aajeevika Bureau, Swasth Foundation and Goonj.

The charities will be working together to provide support and healthcare, securing oxygen concentrators for hospitals and delivering food to vulnerable communities.

Speaking about their efforts, Amir said:

“I’m so pleased to be working in partnership with Dasra, One Family Global and our partner organisations on the ground to provide urgent support in India.

“The situation is critical – one person is dying every four minutes in New Delhi.

“It’s our duty to help our brothers and sisters in India in any way we can.”

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