Indian Man marries Mexican Girlfriend in Lockdown Ceremony

An Indian man from Haryana got married to his Mexican girlfriend despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. They had a lockdown ceremony.

Indian Man marries Mexican Girlfriend in Lockdown Ceremony f

at 8 pm, the lockdown ceremony took place.

An Indian man married a Mexican national in a lockdown ceremony. They got married in Rohtak District Magistrate’s Court on April 13, 2020, at 8 pm.

The wedding happened despite the ongoing lockdown in India which has seen numerous social events being cancelled.

Niranjan Kashyap met Dana Joheri Oliveros Cruz in 2017 while doing an online Spanish language course. Niranjan had also been doing a hotel management course.

Later that year, Niranjan travelled to Mexico to meet Dana and the two got into a relationship.

In 2018, Dana and her mother, Miriam Cruz, travelled to Rohtak to finalise her engagement to Niranjan.

While the engagement rituals were completed, they could not get married due to Dana’s citizenship.

They then filed an application in order to seek approval from the District Magistrate.

Prior to lockdown, there were no issues with getting married, however, the current situation meant that weddings were being postponed.

However, when District Magistrate RS Verma heard about Niranjan and Dana’s ordeal, he discussed the matter with the Chief Minister via video call.

He then decided to open the court and at 8 pm, the lockdown ceremony took place.

Niranjan’s father and Dana’s mother had attended the wedding as they acted as witnesses. Some employees at the office were also present at the unique wedding.

Following the marriage, the Indian man said that it was a pleasure that people supported him so he could get married.

However, the ongoing lockdown has meant that Dana’s mother cannot return to Mexico until May 5, 2020.

Niranjan’s father Shyam explained that Dana and her mother came to India on February 11, 2020, to arrange the wedding.

They thought everything would be completed quickly but the lockdown prevented that from happening.

Miriam’s flight had originally been booked for April 24 but it was now suspended until May 5.

Dana’s father, sister and grandmother remain in Mexico and there is a constant fear for their safety due to Coronavirus.

Shyam said that Mirium should be allowed to return to her family.

While Niranjan and Dana are now married, Shyam said that the lockdown has prevented them from having a proper ceremony.

He went on to say that Dana has permanently moved to Rohtak.

Although a lot of weddings are being postponed in India, some people are having improvised ceremonies.

In one case, a couple had a wedding without a pundit. There were only a few guests and they all kept their distance.

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