Rishi Sunak brings home ‘Stash’ of Mexican Coke

Following his trip to the United States, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak returned to the UK with a “stash” of Mexican Coke.

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"I’m only allowed one a week."

Following his official visit to the United States to attend the AUKUS defence summit, Rishi Sunak has returned home to the UK with his favourite beverage and snacks including Mexican Coca-Cola.

According to reports, Sunak put a sizable quantity of Von’s muffins and Mexican Coke cans inside his luggage, which he described as his “stash” before boarding his aircraft back to Britain.

He said that he had loaded his hotel room with the favoured drink.

During his time in the United States, he purchased cans of Mexican Coca-Cola manufactured with cane sugar, which he has deemed to be the greatest form of the well-known soft drink and Vons chocolate chip cookie muffins.

Rishi Sunak previously said that he fell in love with Vons freshly made muffins while attending Stanford University in the 2000s.

At the AUKUS defence summit, Sunak reportedly had Von’s muffins before his private meeting with US President Joe Biden.

Although Sunak has acknowledged his passion for Mexican Coke, pictures from his trip show him clutching a can of Sprite.

Sunak has already shown his affection for Coca-Cola, notably, in an interview, he gave to two students in 2019 at Richmond School, which is situated in his Yorkshire constituency.

In the interview, he shared: “I’m a Coca-Cola addict, I have seven fillings to show for it.

“But I have one a week now. I’m only allowed one a week.

“So, I’m an enormous Coca-Cola fan. I won’t drink Diet Coke, no Coke Zero, never any Pepsi.

“My favourite drink is called Mexican Coke.

“Because you get it and it’s special Coke. It’s the only place in the world where it is made with cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup, for the people who are interested in this kind of thing.”

The 2019 interview with two pupils, in which Sunak admitted to being a “total Coke addict” rapidly went viral.

But he quickly clarified that he was referring to his Coca-Cola addiction, saying:

“Coca-Cola addict, just for the record. Just to be totally clear.”


Rishi Sunak’s team displayed humour during the leadership contest in the summer of 2022 by giving cartons containing Coca-Cola cans to reporters monitoring the campaign trail.

In February 2023, Sunak made light of the fact that he was “very much in [his] happy place” while touring a Coca-Cola bottling facility in County Antrim.

He commented: “I might treat myself to one on the way out.”

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