Indian Mother Taunted for not Having Son commits Suicide

In Bihar, a mother of three daughters tragically took her own life after being taunted for not having a son.

Indian Mother Taunted for not Having Son commits Suicide f

The mother-in-law would frequently taunt

A police investigation is underway after a woman took her own life. It is believed that she was mocked for not having a son.

The incident happened in the village of Badki Gulni, which is in the Nawada district of Bihar.

The woman was identified as Simple Devi, a mother of three daughters.

Upon hearing the news, chaos ensued at both her maternal and in-law’s home.

Police were informed of the matter and quickly arrived at the scene. They transported the body to Sadar Hospital for a post-mortem.

Simple’s father explained that his daughter and Rambali Yadav got married in 2012 and things were fine. The couple went on to have three daughters.

However, there used to be heated arguments between the families and between Simple and her mother-in-law.

The mother-in-law would frequently taunt Simple for not having a son.

This affected Simple and she told Rambali but he convinced her to calm down. However, the harassment continued to a point that the woman took her own life.

According to her relatives, Simple’s relationship with her husband was a good one.

Rambali was a truck driver so a lot of the time, he was away for work, leaving Simple at home with her in-laws.

Whilst at home, the mother-in-law would question why Simple had not given birth to a son and taunted her over the matter.

Despite his mother’s views, Rambali said it did not matter to him whether he had a son or daughter as children are equal.

Police are currently investigating the matter.

In some Indian households, having a son is like carrying on the family which is why a daughter is seen as a negative. The mother is typically subjected to harassment and even violence for this reason.

In a previous incident, a husband forced his wife out of their home for having five daughters.

Her husband and in-laws became angry that she had not given birth to a son. They allegedly beat the woman before evicting her and her daughters.

However, when she went to complain, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) did not listen to her and told her to move out of the house.

The woman ended up telling the Assistant Superintendent (ASP) who advised her to file an FIR at Naugaon Police Station.

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