Indian Mother kills Baby Daughter & Jumps off Building

In a shocking case, an Indian mother from Madhya Pradesh killed her baby daughter. She later took her own life by jumping off a building.

Indian Mother kills Baby Daughter & Jumps off Building f

Archana jumped off the second floor of a building

A murder-suicide investigation is underway after an Indian mother killed her baby daughter before jumping off a building.

The incident happened in the village of Bairagarh, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

It was reported that the mother strangled her one-year-old daughter to death. She then took her own life by jumping off the second floor of a building.

It is believed that a minor dispute between the woman and her husband had led to the murder. However, police are unsure why the woman committed suicide after.

The woman has been identified as Archana Yadav.

According to her husband Manoj, between 2 pm and 3 pm on Thursday, April 23, 2020, Archana jumped off the second floor of a building after strangling their daughter.

The police found out about the murder-suicide when Manoj went to the hospital with his daughter’s body.

After explaining what had happened, the police arrived at the scene.

They sent both bodies to the hospital for a post-mortem.

The mother-in-law, Kanta Yadav, explained that a dispute was the cause.

She said that Manoj had gone to a village for a few days, angering Archana.

This prompted the Indian mother to strangle her daughter to death. After killing the child, she took her own life.

It was reported that Manoj had been doing some work on the computer in a room above his house when his wife committed suicide.

Police have registered a case and have said that more information will come to light once the results of both post-mortems have been revealed.

Archana and Manoj had been married since 2017. Archana was originally from Indore while her husband was a software engineer from Pune.

There have been numerous cases of murder-suicide in India which have stemmed from arguments.

In one case, a man stabbed his wife to death before hanging himself with her saree.

Ravi Khandare and his wife Mohini had become estranged due to constant rows.

Khandare believed his wife was having an extramarital affair. Whenever he would confront her about, she would furiously deny the accusations and an argument would ensue.

On the day of the murder, Khandare went to his in-law’s house to speak to his wife. He requested custody of their two daughters as he was moving to Maharashtra.

When Mohini refused the request, Khandare became enraged. He grabbed a knife and repeatedly stabbed his wife to death.

Khandare later came to the realisation that he killed his wife. He fled the house and went to his apartment where he used his wife’s saree to hang himself.

Mohini’s parents discovered her body and rushed her to hospital, however, doctors declared her brought dead.

The family suspected Khandare of being responsible. They planned to take matters into their own hands and went to his home.

However, when there was no response, they forced their way in but were shocked to discover the Indian husband hanging from a ceiling fan.

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