Indian Mother beats Son with Slippers at his Wedding

In a bizarre incident, an angry mother was seen beating her son with slippers at his own wedding ceremony in Uttar Pradesh.

Indian Mother beats Son with Slippers at his Wedding f

she continues to shout and attack her son.

In a strange incident, a groom’s mother was seen getting up on the wedding stage in front of hundreds of guests and beating her son with slippers.

The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh and a video went viral.

In the video, the couple are seen exchanging garlands on a rotating platform that resembles a lotus flower.

Meanwhile, photographers are capturing the happy moment on the stairs.

Suddenly, the groom’s mother barges her way past the photographers towards the wedding stage.

She then takes off her slippers and begins hitting her son in front of stunned guests.

Guests try to stop the angry woman but she continues to shout and attack her son. The mother even breaks off one of the stage decorations.

One wedding guest then intervenes, climbing up the stairs and grabbing the woman as she tries to resist.

Another guest helps. The woman is then pulled off the stage and she eventually leaves the venue.

Following the incident, the rest of the wedding rituals were completed in a hurry.

Guests were unsure what the reason was for the woman’s angry reaction.

It was reported that it was due to an intercaste marriage. It is believed that the woman was not happy that her son decided to marry a woman from another caste.

He allegedly went against his family’s wishes and married the woman in a court ceremony. Since then, they have been living as husband and wife.

The groom’s parents and siblings were not happy with the court marriage.

But after the court marriage, the bride’s father decided to celebrate the wedding at an events hall. They did not invite anyone from the groom’s family.

However, after finding out about the wedding ceremony, the groom’s mother went to the venue and began assaulting her son.

Guests intervened and she was sent home.

The viral video led to netizens giving their opinions on the matter.

One person asked:

“Did she, the mother, not approve of the marriage? If so, why even show up? Wow, truly sad.”

Another person said:

“Unfortunately she reached 21 century with such rotten caste ideology.”

A third commented: “This is not the right way to punish your adult child in front of many guests in his most waited wedding ceremony. Too bad.”

However, some people were critical of the groom as he was seen taking cover behind his wife.

One person said: “When his mother started hitting, he hid behind his bride.”

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