Indian Mother beats her Son sends Video to Ex for Money

An Indian mother has been arrested after she filmed herself beating her three-year-old son. She sent the video to her ex-husband so he could give her money.

Indian Mother beats her Son sends Video to Ex for Money f

"So, you want to go to your father? You want a mobile, do you?"

Heena Shaikh, an Indian mother, aged 27, from Mumbra, Maharashtra has been arrested for filming herself beating her son and sending the video to her ex-husband.

She sent the footage of her brutally assaulting her three-year-old son, stripped down naked because she wanted more maintenance money.

The boy is made to hold his ears while she taunts the boy and smacks him.

As reported by the Mumbai Mirror, Heena and Faiyaz Shaikh, aged 52, got married in 2015 but they got divorced soon after things did not work out.

The woman’s ex-husband promised to give her Rs. 6,000 (£65) every month so that she could support her son.

However, the woman would allegedly beat up their son each time the payment was delayed or she wanted more money.

On February 28, 2019, the woman’s violent behaviour towards her son escalated as she filmed the brutal beating.

In the video, the child can be heard screaming for his mother to stop as she hits him multiple times with a metal spatula.

Heena can be heard shouting:

“So, you want to go to your father? You want a mobile, do you?”

In the full footage, she continues to beat the boy over spilt milk and complains about his father, saying:

“He gives me only Rs. 6,000 per month to take care of you. But I spend Rs. 10,000 on you every month.”

See the footage below in the Tweet – warning: the video contains distressing scenes:

She sent the video to Faiyaz in a bid to force him to pay her more maintenance money. She demanded more money otherwise she would beat the boy again.

After Faiyaz saw the video, he filed an assault complaint against his ex-wife.

Following an investigation, police officers arrested Heena on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

A senior police inspector said: “On Sunday, Heena’s former husband Faiyaz showed us the video and told us that Heena had been demanding more money to look after the chile.

“Faiyaz, who sells biryani, sends her Rs. 6,000 every month but she wanted Rs. 10,000.”

Faiyaz spoke about his divorce: “Due to behavioural issues and her never-ending demands, we divorced a couple of years back.

“When our separation happened, I had promised to give her Rs. 6,000 per month as she had to raise the child.

“I always give her the money on time, but if for some reason I am late, she beats up the child.”

“This time she made a video of it. I approached the police to save my son. I have decided to take custody of him.”

A case was registered against Heena under section 324 of the Indian Penal Code.

The police inspector added: “We verified the video and arrested the woman under the Juvenile Justice Act 2015. The child was sent for a medical check-up.”

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