Drug Dealer caught with Knife & Knuckleduster

A 30-year-old drug dealer from Sheffield was caught by police in possession of a knife and a knuckleduster.

Drug Dealer caught with Knife & Knuckleduster f

"he ran full pelt down a nearby cul-de-sac"

Ahmed Alkeldi, aged 30, of Burngreave, Sheffield, was jailed for two years and 10 months. The drug dealer was found in possession of a knife and a knuckleduster.

Sheffield Crown Court heard that officers from Sheffield Proactive CID had been carrying out mobile patrols to disrupt drug supply in Burngreave in April 2018.

However, they saw Alkeldi acting suspiciously.

When they stopped and approached Alkeldi, he made an attempt to escape.

PC Darren McKenna explained:

“When uniformed officers approached Alkeldi, he didn’t want to hang around and chat, instead he ran full pelt down a nearby cul-de-sac, climbing a one and a half metre metal fence to escape.

“Unfortunately for him, the officers on duty that day didn’t see this as a challenge, and intercepted him on the other side, with one of them also scaling the metal fencing.

“Whilst being detained, Alkeldi tried to discard packets of Class A drugs, a phone and a knife, which were swiftly recovered.”

Alkeldi’s home was searched and a number of materials were seized.

Forensic evidence from the drugs, phone, knife and other materials meant he was charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and possession of a bladed article.

At a hearing on July 17, 2020, Alkeldi pleaded guilty to the charges.

The Star reported that on February 18, 2021, Alkeldi was sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison.

PC McKenna added: “This is a positive result for the people of Burngreave who are fed up with drug dealing taking place on their doorsteps.

“By removing individuals from networks of dealers, the supply chain is weakened and opportunities for further police activity are created.”

In a similar case, a drug dealer from Bradford was jailed after a firearm and ammunition were found inside his wardrobe.

Asif Mahmood alerted the police to the weapon, referred to “murders in Bradford and Nottingham” and told officers he needed to clear his head.

He claimed he was forced to store the adapted Bruni Olympic 6 firearm and 116 wraps of cocaine after writing off an Audi RS3 he wasn’t insured to drive.

Mahmood said he had lost his job as a warehouse operative due to the pandemic and had been unable to keep up the payments on the £18,000 debt.

Mahmood alleged that he was threatened and made to store the gun and then a bag that he suspected contained drugs.

However, Judge Jonathan Rose rejected his claims, labelling him a Class A drug dealer and saying he was holding on to the firearm for his criminal activities.

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