Drug Dealer jailed after Firearm found in Wardrobe

A Class A drug dealer from Bradford has received a prison sentence after a firearm was discovered in his wardrobe.

Drug Dealer jailed after Firearm found in Wardrobe f

Mahmood alleged that he was threatened

Asif Mahmood, aged 30, of Marshfields, Bradford, was jailed for seven years and four months after a potentially lethal firearm was found in his wardrobe as well as drugs offences.

Bradford Crown Court heard that he also stored a stash of cocaine in his car.

Mahmood alerted the police to the weapon, referred to “murders in Bradford and Nottingham” and told officers he needed to clear his head.

He claimed he was forced to store the adapted Bruni Olympic 6 firearm and 116 wraps of cocaine after writing off an Audi RS3 he wasn’t insured to drive.

Mahmood said he had lost his job as a warehouse operative due to the pandemic and had been unable to keep up the payments on the £18,000 debt.

Mahmood alleged that he was threatened and made to store the gun and then a bag that he suspected contained drugs.

However, Judge Jonathan Rose rejected his claims, labelling him a Class A drug dealer and saying he was holding on to the firearm for his criminal activities.

Mahmood pleaded guilty to possession of the drugs with intent to supply and possession of an illegal firearm and nine rounds of ammunition on August 21, 2020.

He stated that he was not a drug dealer but his basis of plea was not accepted by the Crown and a trial was held.

Alasdair Campbell, prosecuting, said Mahmood went to the police station and told officers about the firearm and ammunition in his wardrobe.

Officers also found the drugs worth £1,480 in his car.

The court was told that Mahmood had two draft text messages on his phone which showed that he was selling the cocaine.

Mr Campbell explained that that revolver had been drilled out and fired. It was a viable firearm and ammunition was found with it.

Allan Armbrister, Mahmood’s barrister, said he deserved a shorter sentence because he handed in the gun. He also said that otherwise, it would send out the wrong message to the public.

Judge Rose said he could not be sure why Mahmood handed in the gun but said he was lying about the debt and the threats.

He said the revolver was capable of killing people, calling it highly dangerous.

Judge Rose also said it had been fired, but not by Mahmood. He was holding on to it for his criminal associates.

The Telegraph and Argus reported that on February 2, 2021, Mahmood was jailed for five years for the firearms offences and four months for the drug dealing.

The sentences are to run consecutively.

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