Vidya Balan reveals why She refuses Many Biopics

Vidya Balan has revealed that although she has been offered many biopics she ends up doing very few of them. She explained why.

Vidya Balan reveals why She refuses Many Biopics f

"A biopic needs all the elements to be interesting."

Vidya Balan has revealed why she turns down biopics, despite being offered many of them.

She explained that “not every biopic” is impactful, well made, dramatic or cinematic enough.

The Bollywood actress also said that the structure of biopics “is pretty much the same for everything” which “can get boring after a while”.

She elaborated: “Not every biopic is impactful or well made.

“I have been offered so many biopics, but I decided on doing very few.

“Sometimes, it’s an inspiring story but not dramatic or cinematic enough.

“A biopic needs all the elements to be interesting.

“At times, it is great to read about somebody but you don’t see it as a celluloid experience.”

So far, Vidya has featured in the biopics The Dirty Picture and Shakuntala Devi.

The 2011 film The Dirty Picture is inspired by the life of the late actor Silk Smitha.

In 2020, Vidya played mathematician Shakuntala Devi in the biopic on her life.

Vidya continued: “There is an explosion of biopics but not every biopic is going to be watched.

“Only good ones will work and there has to be something unique that differentiates a biopic from the other ones.

“The structure of biopics is pretty much the same for everything and it can get boring after a while.”

“Just an inspiring story or personality is not enough for a biopic, it has to be told in a unique manner.

“There could be 100s of them, but only a few will make the cut.”

On the work front, Vidya Balan was last seen in Sherni.

The Amazon Prime Video film saw the actress play a forest officer.

It told the story of a team of officers and forest guards trying to find a solution to the man-animal conflict depicted in the film.

Sherni‘s “unusual story” is what drew her to the film, and that the character she played was like no other.

Vidya previously said: “I thought that was a first, and of course, Vidya Vincent as a character is very different from any of the characters I have played so far.

“All the characters I have played have been very obviously strong. Vidya Vincent is strong but she doesn’t come across as aggressive.

“She is very withdrawn, so it’s a different personality, and I thought that was again a first.”

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