Burger King Delivery Man stopped by Indian Police

In the Indian city of Chandigarh, a Burger King delivery man had been on his way to deliver food to a customer when he was stopped by police.

Burger King Delivery Man stopped by Indian Police f

he was violating the lockdown rules.

A Burger King delivery driver was stopped by police for violating the lockdown rules. The incident happened in Chandigarh.

Several areas in India, including Chandigarh, have banned food deliveries amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The precaution was taken after a pizza delivery driver in Delhi tested positive for the virus.

However, some restaurants remain open.

One man from Manimajra, Chandigarh, violated the lockdown guidelines by ordering food online and requesting for it to be delivered.

After the Burger King order was made, the delivery driver travelled from Panchkula.

But when he entered Chandigarh, the police were already there. Officers had been patrolling borders to ensure that people were not breaking the rules.

They stopped the delivery driver and told him that he was violating the lockdown rules.

Officers then asked for details on the Burger King branch where he worked. Police then registered a case against the manager.

They also filed a case against the customer who ordered the food.

The manager was identified as Rahul Sharma while the customer was named Rajat Mathur.

According to police, Mathur had made the food order online. The order was taken and the driver travelled to his house.

When police stopped the driver, they told him that he was breaching the rules as food deliveries were banned. They did not allow him to continue with his journey and he returned to the fast-food restaurant.

After police registered a case against Sharma, they arrested him and questioned him about the matter.

When he spoke about the order, police filed a case against Mathur and arrested him.

They were booked for violating the curfew orders, however, both were released after receiving a warning.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Indian government announced measures to stop the spread of it. As a result, police are taking strict action against rulebreakers.

Their action has even been violent. On March 22, 2020, the Janta Curfew was implemented and police enforced the rule by beating members of the public with lathis (sticks).

It was essentially a self-curfew in order to test social isolation.

The police worked to ensure that citizens abided by the rules but videos circulated online of officers taking extreme measures.

Videos showed police officers using lathis to threaten and even beat people for being out.

In one instance, several people were seen out on motorcycles on a deserted road. Police officers demanded that they go home while hitting them with their lathis.

Officers were also seen surrounding one motorcyclist and hitting him across the legs and on the back as he turned around and returned to where he came from.

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