Asad Abbas requests Help for Kidney Disease Treatment

Pakistani singer Asad Abbas has requested financial help from his fans for treatment on his kidney disease.

Asad Abbas requests Help for Kidney Disease Treatment f

He also admitted that he ended up living on the streets.

Pakistani singer Asad Abbas has come forward to ask fans for financial help for treatment for his failing kidneys.

The singer is suffering from a kidney disease which requires dialysis up to four times a week.

Abbas revealed that he has been living with the disease for seven years and it has come to a point now where both kidneys have stopped working.

In the past, doctors performed a kidney transplant on the singer, unfortunately, it was of no use as the transplant was unsuccessful.

In a desperate plea for treatment, Abbas has now reached out to the Sindh government and the general public for help towards his treatment.

Abbas revealed that he was forced to give up the once comfortable life he was living as he had to sell his possessions in order to make money for treatment.

He also admitted that he ended up living on the streets.

Asad Abbas became widely recognised after he won Pakistan’s first reality show Pakistan Sangeet Icon in 2006. He won a large amount of money and a brand-new Mercedes.

In a sad turn of events, Abbas had to sell the car so that he could raise funds for his treatment.

He also went on to win a Lux Style Award in music and was the lead singer of the Meekal Hassan band.

Abbas lived a life of popularity as he performed concerts in many countries, and also partnered with many artists in his native country.

He is the mastermind behind the smash hit song ‘Kadi Aa Mil Sanwal Yaar Ve’, which became the title track of the popular drama Raqs-e-Bismil.

Abbas has admitted that he is suffering tremendously as he has spent all his savings on treatment since his diagnosis seven years ago.

Appearing on the Daily Pakistan Podcast, Abbas revealed that despite the fact he worked with many big names in the showbiz industry, none of them asked about his health or if he needed support financially.

Actor Imran Ashraf Awan took to Instagram to urge his fellow industry members to help Abbas so that he could have a better quality of life.

Fans offered their support under the post and wished the singer well and a speedy recovery.

One fan wrote: “May Allah give him health, Ameen.”

Another wrote: “May Allah grant him good health.”

One fan commented: “In this country, only politicians can get treatment from abroad.”

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