Aima Baig accused of copying Billie Eilish in Music Video

Aima Baig released the music video for her new song ‘Long Time’ but she was accused of copying Billie Eilish.

Aima Baig accused of copying Billie Eilish in Music Video f

“Now she is copying Billie Eilish?”

Aima Baig announced the impending release of her latest song, timed perfectly for Eid ul-Fitr but faced criticism for allegedly copying Billie Eilish.

Despite its preparation, Aima decided to unveil the track on this auspicious occasion.

She kept teasing fans with captivating glimpses on her Instagram handle.

Keeping her promise, Aima Baig treated her fans to ‘Long Time’, her newest musical offering.

Many praised the song for its captivating visuals and fashionable aesthetics reminiscent of Hollywood charm.

Others expressed reservations, particularly regarding the incorporation of English and Punjabi lyrics detailing post-breakup struggles.

The newly released song features an eclectic mix of fashion, hairstyling and makeup, set against captivating backdrops that exude a Hollywood allure.

In her Instagram post unveiling ‘Long Time’, Aima Baig reiterated her belief in the song’s universal appeal.

She emphasised its potential to strike a chord with audiences across diverse backgrounds.

Despite the mixed reception, the song’s thematic depth and emotional resonance are undeniable, offering listeners a poignant exploration of love and loss.

Some fans drew comparisons between Aima Baig’s look and international sensations like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Others lauded her for carving out a unique space in Pakistan’s music industry.

A plethora of criticism and observations emerged from discerning viewers.

They drew attention to what they perceived as an instance of artistic appropriation on Aima Baig’s part.

They alleged that her music video heavily borrowed style elements from Billie Eilish.

Audiences felt like they were taken back to the 1990s after watching Aima Baig’s music video.

One observation viewers made was Aima’s extravagant hairstyle.

It was a sleek, impeccably styled high ponytail. It was a visual echo that bore an undeniable resemblance to the distinctive look famously showcased by Billie Eilish.

This was in her music video for her hit track ‘What Was I Made For?’.

A user questioned: “Now she is copying Billie Eilish?”

Another added: “She copied Ariana Grande’s looks and Billie Eilish’s concept.”

Hitting out at the music video, one said:

“She hyped it up all this time and this is what we get? A very low-quality song. This isn’t Pakistani music at all.

“She is just copying everything from Hollywood.”

Another criticised: “And she has the audacity to accuse Nehaal for copying her? Aima does not even have her own style and personality.”

Listen to ‘Long Time’


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