Ali Zafar & Attaullah Khan team up to Recreate ‘Balo Batiyan’

Ali Zafar and Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi have come together to bring out a new rendition of the iconic track ‘Balo Batiyan’.

Ali Zafar & Attaullah Khan team up to Recreate 'Balo Batiyan' g

“This collaboration is deeply personal to me"

Ali Zafar and Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi have come together to breathe new life into the timeless classic, ‘Balo Batiyan’.

They have embarked on a musical journey that has captivated audiences old and new alike.

As these two musical titans unite their voices, they invite listeners on a nostalgic yet exhilarating exploration of melody and harmony.

On social media, Ali Zafar wrote: “Hello, beautiful souls.

“Having the chance to collaborate with the legendary Attaullah Esakhelvi Sahab has been nothing short of an honour for me.

“Together, we’ve poured our hearts into ‘Balo Batiyan’, a song that tells the story of a man undervalued by his love, proving he is not just metal, but precious gold.

“This collaboration is deeply personal to me; it’s an extension of my ongoing mission to spotlight the incredible cultural, linguistic, and artistic treasures of Pakistan.

“It represents a crucial step in our collective journey to celebrate Pakistani culture and languages on a global stage, ensuring our splendid heritage not only thrives but resonates with new generations worldwide.

“Let music transcend boundaries and unite us in ways nothing else can.”

With its revitalised and contemporary sound, ‘Balo Batiyan’ is captivating new audiences. It has ensured that its timeless appeal resonates with younger generations.

The accompanying visuals, featuring both vocalists, add significant depth and portray the scenic landscapes of South Punjab.

In recent times, Ali Zafar has emerged as a champion of Pakistan’s rich linguistic and cultural diversity.

He has showcased his reverence for the country’s myriad traditions through his musical endeavours.

His rendition of ‘Laila O Laila’ paid homage to the vibrant culture of Balochistan.

‘Allay’ celebrated the musical heritage of Sindh with its soul-stirring melodies.

Venturing further, ‘Larsha Pekhawar’ exuded the spirit of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, resonating with the essence of the region.

Now, continuing his journey of cultural appreciation, Ali Zafar’s ‘Balo Batiyan’ shines a spotlight on the enchanting Siraiki language.

One listener said: “Ali Zafar sir, you are very lucky. You got a chance to perform with the legendary Attaullah.”

Another noted: “Golden voice holder with a golden heart glad to see Attaullah back after a long time.

“Proud of Ali Zafar who is showing the world Pakistan’s culture.”

One wrote: “Despite the fact Ali Zafar is one of my favourite artists of Pakistan, but the quality of Attaullah Khan’s voice is another level or probably made for the language and songs. Still, this is a great song.”

Another said: “Thank you for bringing my culture to the spotlight.”

Listen to ‘Balo Batiyan’


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