Woman details Rape Ordeal at the Hands of her Ex-Partner

A woman spoke about her four-month rape and abuse ordeal at the hands of her ex-partner as she gave evidence in court.

Woman details Rape Ordeal at the Hands of her Ex-Partner f

"I get days where I wake up terrified."

Mohammed Ashfak was jailed for 19 years after his ex-partner bravely gave evidence against him.

She detailed her four-month domestic abuse ordeal, which included Ashfak videoing himself raping her.

Between January and May 2020, Ashfak repeatedly assaulted the woman and threatened to kill both her and himself.

He also raped his ex-partner on two occasions and filmed himself doing so.

When the victim reported one of the assaults to police, Ashfak assaulted and threatened her which forced her to withdraw the allegations.

She initially reported an incident on April 3, 2020, where Ashfak assaulted her, held a rusty knife to her and attempted to rape her.

He was charged with two offences and bailed.

On May 5, the victim was found in the road covered in blood after escaping from her former Newham home where he had refused to let her leave.

She subsequently revealed all the earlier offences, including the rapes, to police.

Ashfak was further charged and remanded.

He was found guilty of 11 offences.

In a statement read out in court, his ex-partner said:

“I remember everything he’s done and said to me. His actions, his voice. I get days where I wake up terrified. I have never felt like I do now.

“I’m not fit enough to go back to work, it’s just not something I’m ready to do.

“It will take time for me to build it back up. I just don’t feel safe.

“I don’t know how to go out there, be around males, have colleagues and stuff like that.

“I feel angry and disappointed, sometimes I blame myself.

“When it’s been really difficult for me and I’ve felt like I can’t carry on, come to court, give evidence, I’ve carried on because I don’t want him to hurt someone else’s daughter.

“Let me be the last person he ever touches. Nobody should experience what he has done to me.”

The victim was provided with specialist support including a Sexual Offences Investigation Team officer, PC Rebecca Cecil.

At Snaresbrook Crown Court, Ashfak was jailed for 19 years.

Detective Constable Jennifer Newman, who led the investigation, said:

“Ashfak is a dangerous and manipulative man and I have no doubt that were he not serving a custodial sentence, he would go on to commit similar offences against other women.

“Ashfak subjected his partner to a number of violent physical attacks but as she says, it is the emotional impact of this behaviour that she will continue to live with for a long time.

“The offending took place over a four-month period but her life has been turned upside down by what happened.

“She deserves a huge amount of credit, not only for reporting Ashfak to police, despite his threats about what would happen if she did so but also for supporting the trial and providing key evidence which led to his conviction. This is despite a number of delays to the proceedings.

“It is because of her bravery that he is behind bars and we hope her actions encourage anyone else in an abusive relationship to come forward and speak to us. We will support you every step of the way.”

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