Hareem Shah’s Ex-Policeman Husband accused of Drug Trafficking

Reportedly, Hareem Shah’s husband, an ex-policeman, is allegedly involved in criminal activities, including drug trafficking.

Hareem Shah's Policeman Husband accused of Drug Trafficking f

they began "targeting" her husband.

It has been reported that the husband of TikToker Hareem Shah was dismissed from Sindh Police due to his criminal activities.

In an investigation report, Bilal Shah had been a constable for Sindh Police.

He was dismissed from the force for his alleged involvement in extortion and drugs trafficking.

After receiving information about his criminal activities, then-SSP Irfan Zaman launched an inquiry against Bilal on September 21, 2021.

Bilal had been served three show-cause notices but he did not reply to them.

Geo News reported that intelligence reports and his phone showed evidence of criminal activity.

Bilal was dismissed from the police in October 2021.

According to police officials, they were surprised with Bilal’s lavish lifestyle, despite him not having a clear source of income.

It is also alleged that Bilal’s brother was in contact with drug peddlers.

He was reportedly arrested for allegedly selling drugs.

Bilal Shah explained that he is currently not employed by any government department.

He also rejected all the allegations against him.

On his sources of income, Bilal claimed that he has been running a gym for three years.

He also maintained that he has been married to TikToker Hareem Shah for four months.

Bilal believes he is facing such allegations because the FIA have been prevented from taking action against his wife in a money laundering case.

Hareem Shah was accused of money laundering after she shared a video, posing with thousands of pounds and claiming she was easily able to take the money out of Pakistan.

When the video went viral and faced money laundering accusations, Hareem denied her claims, saying she made the video for “entertainment purposes”.

Hareem has now said no action was taken because there was no money laundered.

She alleged the FIA “used every tactic in the book to deport me from London and seize my bank accounts”.

But when they failed, they began “targeting” her husband.

Hareem continued: “They [FIA] couldn’t do anything to me. Did I get deported? No. Did NCA call me in? No. I faced no problem here. Nobody stopped me, nobody investigated me.”

She claimed the FIA is now “taking revenge by levelling false allegations” against her husband.

According to Hareem, Bilal has been accused of extortion and drug trafficking even though there is “no FIR against him”.

She said: “I brought with me a lot of love, money and respect.

“But when they couldn’t do anything to me, they started targeting Bilal.”

“Because they can’t do anything about me right? Their notice is worth nothing here.”

Hareem Shah added that her trust only lies in the Pakistani Army.

“I’m not scared of them and I don’t consider them to be anything. I only trust and love the Pakistan army.

“And I will only request them to protect me from these people.”

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