Vaishali Takkar planned to Quit Acting & Travel

According to Nyra M Banerjee, tragic actress Vaishali Takkar had plans to quit acting and travel the world.

Vaishali Takkar planned to Quit Acting & Travel f

"there comes a time when you can’t do it anymore."

The late Vaishali Takkar wanted to quit acting and travel the world.

The revelation comes from Nyra Banerjee, her co-star in Rakshabandhan: Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal.

After the show ended in April 2022, the pair remained in touch.

Recalling one of their final conversations before Vaishali’s death, Nyra revealed that she had plans to quit acting.

She said: “She told me she wanted to maybe give up acting and travel the world and do vlogging after her marriage, which was scheduled for November 20.

“Vaishali said, ‘I am done with the fame, work and all. Now, I want to travel the world’. She was high-spirited.”

However, Nyra went on to say that Vaishali’s plan to quit acting was “all a defence mechanism to keep herself happy all the time”.

She added: “No matter how long you pretend, there comes a time when you can’t do it anymore.

“I think that’s what happened with Vaishali. But, when you reach that point, it is essential to hold on to inner strength.”

Speaking about their bond, Nyra explained:

“We connected on the topic of spirituality. We used to understand each other’s body language and know when something was wrong.

“So, deep down, I was aware that there was something happening in her life, but did not know the details.”

Vaishali Takkar planned to Quit Acting & Travel

On whether Vaishali ever complained about being unsatisfied in her professional life, Nyra said:

“I don’t think her work life was the problem.

“In fact, she was quite happy about the roles she was getting. Vaishali was an independent woman and she was doing some great projects in the industry.

“At least, she never mentioned anything of that sort to me.”

Vaishali Takkar tragically took her own life after being allegedly harassed by an ex-boyfriend.

Her former boyfriend Rahul Navlani has since been arrested.

Nishant Singh Malkani, who also starred in Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal, said that Vaishali’s relationship with Rahul was “toxic”.

He said: “It was a very toxic relationship.

“She used to cry so much on the set, sometimes I couldn’t even act because she was under so much stress and trauma.

“I used to tell her to ignore him and move on.

“They had broken up by then, and he was always trying to emotionally pull her back.

“He was not letting her move on, even though he was married.

“Whenever she wanted to move on, he held her back by emotionally blackmailing her.

“When you are in love, you do get weak, even though practically, you know that it makes no sense to be with that person.”

This resulted in her undergoing therapy. Nishant continued:

“She was depressed in the middle. She was consulting a psychologist. She was taking therapy.

“She confided in me and told me not to tell anybody because she thought it would become a scandal that she is suffering from a mental health issue.

“She took some sessions and used to read meditation books.

“She went through therapy because she wanted to get out of it.”

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