Vaishali Takkar was in ‘Toxic Relationship’ leading to Therapy

Vaishali Takkar tragically took her own life. Her former co-star Nishant Singh Malkani has now opened up about her “toxic” relationship.

Vaishali Takkar was in 'Toxic Relationship' leading to Therapy f

“It was a very toxic relationship."

According to Nishant Singh Malkani, Vaishali Takkar was in a toxic relationship, which led to her seeking therapy.

The TV actress took her own life at her home in Indore. Upon searching her home, police found a suicide note which claimed she was being harassed by an ex-boyfriend.

The investigation has since resulted in Vaishali’s former boyfriend Rahul Navlani being arrested.

Nishant, who worked with Vaishali on Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal, opened up on his former co-star’s death and revealed that her relationship with Rahul was “toxic”.

Speaking about Vaishali, Nishant said:

“We became good friends while working on the set, and started bonding, where we also shared some aspects of our personal life.

“So, yes, Rahul’s name did come up a few times.

“In fact, he had visited us on the sets, and I met him last year.

It was a very formal meeting, where I just greeted him. He had come to meet her.

“She was going through a lot of stress those days, which she told me was because of Rahul. I did not get to know him as such, but I knew of the things he did to Vaishali and her version of the story.”

Vaishali Takkar was in 'Toxic Relationship' leading to Therapy

Describing Vaishali’s relationship with Rahul as toxic, Nishant continued:

“It was a very toxic relationship.

“She used to cry so much on the set, sometimes I couldn’t even act because she was under so much stress and trauma.

“I used to tell her to ignore him and move on.

“They had broken up by then, and he was always trying to emotionally pull her back.

“He was not letting her move on, even though he was married.

“Whenever she wanted to move on, he held her back by emotionally blackmailing her.

“When you are in love, you do get weak, even though practically, you know that it makes no sense to be with that person.”

Nishant explained that Vaishali was experiencing a lot of issues during that phase.

“She was depressed in the middle. She was consulting a psychologist. She was taking therapy.”

“She confided in me and told me not to tell anybody because she thought it would become a scandal that she is suffering from a mental health issue.

“She took some sessions and used to read meditation books.

“She went through therapy because she wanted to get out of it.”

Nishant revealed that he spoke to her about her planned wedding in November 10 days before her death.

The actor stated that he has made the revelation so that the culprit is caught. He added:

“She was doing everything in her power to move on away from that guy. I have only one tool which is to tell the truth in public.”

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