Tina Datta & Archana Gautam fight over Chicken

On Bigg Boss 16, Tina Datta and Archana Gautam got into a heated confrontation after the latter refused to make chicken for Shalin Bhanot.

Tina Datta & Archana Gautam fight over Chicken f

"Am I your servant, have I come for you"

A promo video for Bigg Boss 16 showed Tina Datta and Archana Gautam arguing over chicken.

Things heated up after Shalin Bhanot complained about Archana not making chicken for him.

Archana lost her temper and told him that she did not enter Bigg Boss to work for him.

Tina then questioned Archana’s upbringing for not talking to her and Shalin properly.

Throughout the series, Shalin’s association with chicken has been talked about. He claims to have a medical condition which demands him to eat at least 450 grams of chicken every day.

This has led to arguments inside the house, with the quarrel between Tina and Archana being another one.

Archana, Tina and Shalin were seen in the kitchen.

Talking about Archana, Tina tells Shalin:

“She has not made food with a clean heart.”

Archana hears her and replies: “I have been making food with good intentions only for so many days now.”

Shalin asks: How can you bring someone’s health as a matter of fight?”

Archana tells him: “What can be done, in here, your health is connected to this chicken only.”

Shalin then asks Tina why Archana did not make chicken for him. Tina says she asked her but she refused to do so.

Archana overhears Tina’s comments and asks her:

“Am I your servant, have I come for you, did you bring me here from my house?”

A furious Tina says: “Don’t talk to me in this language, this is your upbringing, not mine.”

As the argument continues, Archana replies:

“Yes, this is my upbringing. If someone does like this, he or she should be slapped.”

Responding to her comment, Tina challenges Archana: “Slap me then.”


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Many viewers sided with Archana Gautam whilst also criticising Shalin.

One said:

“Oh God, they are fighting over food again, it is getting irritating.”

Another wrote: “Archana is not anyone’s servant and she is right.”

A third commented: “Archana is right. Why she should make chicken for him, one day he said he won’t be having food made by Archana.”

One comment read: “Why doesn’t Shalin make it himself instead of giving orders? Come on what health issues? Sorry, what utter rubbish.”

Previously, Salman Khan expressed his annoyance at Shalin for constantly asking about chicken.

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