Tina Datta confronts Shalin after he admits ‘He Never Liked Her’

Tina Datta was eliminated from Bigg Boss 16 but soon returned to confront Shalin Bhanot after he admitted that “he never liked her”.

Tina Datta confronts Shalin after he admits 'He Never Liked Her' f

"I won’t even talk to that girl"

Tina Datta’s elimination from Bigg Boss 16 was short-lived but she was not happy with Shalin Bhanot after he admitted how he truly felt about her.

The pair had a close bond on the show and when Tina was evicted, Shalin was left upset.

But after she left the house, it seemed Shalin was never fond of Tina.

In the kitchen, Archana Gautam asked Shalin if he knew Tina would be eliminated from the show. He replied:

“I knew it when Salman Khan said saath then only at that time I figured that Tina was getting eliminated.”

He later spoke to Sreejita De and said that he never liked Tina.

Shalin told her: “I never liked Tina, it was only because of the chicken that I liked her.

“I was only worried about my food and she used to do it so that is the only thing I am missing right now because who will make chicken for me now?

“I won’t even talk to that girl after I go out of the house because there I would have my restaurant for it.”

But there was a twist when Shalin was given a choice between bringing back Tina or receiving Rs. 25 Lakh.

Shalin pressed the buzzer to bring back Tina, stating that he does not care about the money.

Tina returned to the house, saying: “I am back.”

Shalin welcomes her but is unaware that Tina heard everything he said about her.

She sarcastically greets him, telling Shalin:

“After I left the house, you were dancing, if you cannot be loyal to your friends, you cannot be loyal to anyone.”

“Why are you faking so much?”

A shocked Shalin says: “I cannot believe this.”

An angry Tina replies: “I cannot believe you, Shalin Bhanot.”

The promo ends with Shalin attempting to reason with her.

Social media users reacted to the confrontation, with many siding with Tina Datta.

One said: “Tina is back… whatever. But I like her expressions, her dialogue.

“She made Shalin shut his mouth completely.”

Others said that Shiv Thakare had pointed out that Shalin’s tears over Tina’s elimination were not genuine.

One wrote: “Shiv already said that this guy only acts, totally fake.”

Another said: “Shiv already exposed him last night.”

A third commented: “Shiv already exposed his fake crying for sympathy last night… On-point observation.”

Some believed the confrontation will lead to fake arguments between Tina and Shalin.

One user said: “We saw their fake love first, now we will see their fake fights.”

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