Is Tina Datta already Winning Fans in Bigg Boss 16?

‘Bigg Boss 16’ may have just started but it seems Tina Datta has already emerged as a fan favourite among viewers.

Is Tina Datta already Winning Fans in Bigg Boss 16 f

"Tina Datta has the potential to be the winner"

It may be the early stages of Bigg Boss 16, but Tina Datta is already winning fans.

The actress is known for her role in popular soap opera Uttaran and in Bigg Boss 16, fans are loving the no-nonsense way Tina conducts herself.

She got into an argument with actress and politician Archana Gautam after the latter unnecessarily tried to pick a fight with her.

Archana falsely accused Tina of leaving the gas on after she had finished cooking.

Tina calmly explained that she switched off the gas but Archana continued to make false allegations.

Tina then ignored Archana and it eventually led to Archana giving up on her attempt to pick a fight with her fellow housemate.

Meanwhile, fans are loving the growing friendship between Tina and singer Abdu Rozik.

One instance saw the pair having a conversation before Abdu gave Tina a teddy bear. The pair were seen smiling at one another and enjoying each other’s company.

One viewer commented: “I found her calm and sensible. And her moments with Abdu were extremely cute.”

Another moment that seemed to be a hit among viewers was when Tina gave a savage reply to controversial filmmaker Sajid Khan’s comment.

Sajid sarcastically asked: “You can cook well na?”

Tina replied: “Don’t eat if you don’t like it.”

Her reply shocked Sajid and he said: “Really?”

Unafraid to retract her comment, Tina responds: “Yeah, fast.”

The moment resulted in an awkward silence between the housemates but those watching on TV enjoyed Tina putting Sajid in his place.

One person said: “I swear, the way these boys and men think they can joke about anything to girls, just give them a reply like Tina Datta.”

Another agreed: “Tina left the molester shocked.”

Is Tina Datta already Winning Fans in Bigg Boss 16

The incident led social media users to point out how Tina does not create unnecessary drama while also standing up for herself.

One comment read:

“She is coming out as the most sophisticated and savage contestant without making any unnecessary noise.”

Another said: “Tina Datta is a sensible and settled girl, she is not gonna entertain any stupidness and give an appropriate reply when needed.”

A third person wrote: “Tina Datta has the potential to be the winner of #BB16.

“She is taking a stand for herself, She is not creating any drama or not picking up any unnecessary fight. She is giving back with grace and elegance.

“If she continues playing like this she can be the winner.”

The support Tina has received so far is evident as her Instagram following has increased to 2.9 million.

It will be interesting to see if Tina Datta can continue winning fans as the show progresses.

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