Sreejita De returns to Bigg Boss 16 shocking Tina Datta

Sreejita De, who was the first eliminated from Bigg Boss 16, returns as a wildcard, however, Tina Datta was not happy.

Sreejita De returns to Bigg Boss 16 shocking Tina Datta f

"You are full of negative energy."

Sreejita De has returned to Bigg Boss 16 as a wildcard and it seems she has set her sights on Tina Datta.

Sreejita was the first contestant eliminated from the show and afterwards, she labelled Tina “insecure”.

She had said: “Tina was also extremely conscious about how she was around me.

“She knew she shouldn’t fight with me as she would lose. I have known her for 10 years and know how unethical she can be.

“She tried to even convince me that we should play together but I was adamant that I didn’t want to be with her.”

A promo unveiled Sreejita as a wildcard contestant.

The housemates cheered for her but her return did not go down well with Tina.

Sreejita then tells Tina: “You are full of negative energy.”

As Tina tries to dismiss her claims, Sreejita adds:

“Please get out of my energy aura.”

Upon her entry into the house, Sreejita mocks Tina’s close friendship with Shalin Bhanot.

She says: “Now I can hug Shalin.”

Sreejita tells Shalin to look into the camera before hugging him. Meanwhile, an angry Tina walks towards them.

Fans were happy about Sreejita’s return, with many stating that she will expose Tina.

One said: “She will surely give a reality check to Tina Datta!!!

“Now Tina’s fake actions will come to light, I hope she tells Shalin that Tina doesn’t care about him.”

Another said: “Now Tina’s real face will be seen more clearly, Sreejita needs to stay strong in front of her.”

But Sreejita’s return made some viewers believe it would affect evictions.

One person said: “Now it’s clear Tina will not be evicted, you have made a good plan to evict Sumbul or Nimrit.”

Another wrote:

“You like Tina clearly that you don’t want her to leave Bigg Boss and Nimrit is your favourite already.”

“Yes… So, in eviction, two people left Sumbul and Stan whose fanbase is strong… That means you will remove one of the two as per your wish or no eviction.”

In addition to Sreejita De’s return, Vikkas Manaktala will also enter Bigg Boss 16 as a wildcard.

It is reported that the series has been extended.

Bigg Boss 16 was previously set to air its finale on January 15, 2023. However, with the show raking in big numbers for the channel and the number of contestants already inside the house, it has been given an extension for another month.

The finale is likely to air on February 18 or 25.

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