The Traitors Viewers left Angry after Jaz is Ignored

BBC’s The Traitors viewers expressed their frustrations after Jaz Singh was ignored while trying to bring down a big game player.

The Traitors Viewers left Angry after Jaz is Ignored f

"Jaz is the only one with a fully functioning brain."

Viewers of BBC’s The Traitors were left angry after Jaz Singh’s attempts to expose game player Harry were ignored.

Fan favourite Jaz channelled his inner Sherlock Holmes as he saw through Harry’s friendly act and called him out to other Faithfuls on his “cheeky chappy” attitude.

While Harry outlasted his fellow Traitor Paul, Jaz has been dubbed the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) by viewers.

‘Jazatha Christie’ was also trending on X during the January 19, 2024, episode.

Fans shared how impressed they were with Jaz while expressing their disappointment with the other contestants.

One said: “Sorry but the only faithful worth their salt is Jaz. The rest of them may as well be playing spin the bottle to work out who the traitors are.”

Another wrote: “Jaz is so on it. ‘It’s Harry’ and ‘a traitor could get the shield’.”

A third commented: “Jaz is the only one with a fully functioning brain. He trusts NO ONE.”

The previous episode of The Traitors also saw Jaz showcase his detective skills as he steered the banishment of Paul.

Jaz saw through Paul’s crocodile tears, fake shakes, and masterful behaviour control, leaving viewers impressed.

After the January 18 episode, Paul was banished when Harry led the fight to push his fellow Traitor out after Jaz’s instigation.

The final two Traitors are Harry and Andrew.

This comes after viewers predicted Harry’s downfall after he decided to keep getting a shield a secret.

Harry has become a fan favourite for his sly tactics. But viewers believe he has made a major mistake and become “too cocky”.

They claimed he had made two big mistakes, one in hiding the fact that he got a shield, and the second in recruiting Ross to the Traitors.

The shield provides immunity against ‘murder’ from the Traitors.

However, Harry decided to keep it a secret.

Speaking to the camera, Harry said he planned to recruit another Traitor overnight, before telling his co-stars the next morning that he must have been targeted but couldn’t be killed due to his shield when nobody goes home.

The Traitors viewers highlighted his risky plan and warned him not to get “too cocky”.

Others also claimed that the only way Harry’s plan would work successfully would be if he and Andrew recruited Jaz to become a Traitor after he has secretly shared his suspicions about Harry.

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