The Traitors Star Jaz Singh breaks silence on Losing £95k Prize

Jaz Singh reached the final of BBC’s The Traitors but missed out on the huge cash prize. He has now addressed the loss.

The Traitors Star Jaz Singh breaks silence on Losing £95k Prize f

"it's always about getting the balance right"

BBC The Traitors star Jaz Singh has broken his silence on narrowly missing out on the cash prize.

In the finale, Jaz tried to take down Traitor Harry Clark at the final roundtable after correctly guessing his identity.

With £95,150 at stake, Jaz opted to continue the game, believing another Traitor was standing in the way of his claim to the prize.

But Jaz could not convince Mollie Pearce, who instead voted to banish him.

This left both her and Jaz with nothing when Harry revealed himself after reaching the end of the game.

Speaking to Ed Gamble on the spin-off The Traitors: Uncloaked, Jaz was left reeling when he found out about Harry and discovered he was right about the Traitors throughout most of the game.

He explained: “I think with this type of game, it’s always about getting the balance right, and the end goal is to get as far as possible.

“So when you’re trying to get as far as possible, everything changes at [in] a split second.

“Claudia [Winkleman] can come in and give us a big massive bombshell, and then you know there’s a shield, there’s a mission, or someone will talk.

“At every single opportunity, you have to find tune where you need to apply the balance.

“I felt being a Libra, I’d be good at balancing, I tried!

“But yeah, every little moment, it’s not about being too loud, it’s not about being too quiet, but just getting that balance right every single opportunity.”

Throughout The Traitors, Jaz became a fan favourite and was dubbed ‘Jazatha Christie’ by viewers.

Speaking about the fan reaction, he said:

“To be honest, you just don’t expect it.

“I don’t even have Twitter so I was getting screenshots of people sending me tweets and things, and I was like, ‘Jazatha Christie? Wait, who is Agatha Christie?’

“So I actually had to Google who Agatha Christie is, and I saw this woman who’s sold 60 million-odd detective cases and I thought, ‘Oh my God’.

“To be honest, it’s been amazing. People have been messaging me saying, ‘You need to get win, you need to get Harry’.

“Getting the response has been incredible, absolutely incredible.”

Ultimately, Jaz Singh did not blame Mollie for her decision.

Jaz’s comments come after Mollie admitted she decided with her heart rather than her head.

She explained: “I think deep down I always knew. But that slight doubt, I just couldn’t do it.

“It’s a tough one, but it is what it is.”

Mollie was left alongside Harry as the last two contestants standing at the end of the game, after the group banished Faithful Evie and Traitor Andrew, as well as Jaz, in the finale.

But as part of the rules, any remaining Traitors would get the entire prize money. As a result, Harry won the lot.

Mollie was visibly upset as Harry revealed his true identity to her.

Despite initially saying she would never speak to him again over the betrayal, she’s since had a change of heart.

She said: “We’re fine. Always will. I can’t hate him forever, can I?”

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