The Highs & Lows of Jaz Singh on ‘The Traitors’

As BBC’s ‘The Traitors’ reaches its explosive final, we look at Jaz Singh’s highs and lows on TV’s most dastardly game of deception.

The Highs & Lows of Jaz Singh on The Traitors' f

"I'm in the process of building up my family"

BBC’s The Traitors will reach an epic conclusion on January 26, 2024, bringing an end to TV’s biggest game of psychological warfare.

The show has gripped viewers and it has its final five – Jaz Singh, Harry Clark, Andrew Jenkins, Evie Morrison and Mollie Pearce.

It will finally be seen if the Faithful can weed out all the Traitors and split the prize pot between them.

Or, will the Traitors remain undetected and take the winnings for themselves?

As one of the Faithfuls, Jaz Singh has been a favourite on the show.

Dubbed ‘Jazatha Christie’ by viewers for his detective skills, Jaz has managed to see through all the Traitors.

But his downfall has been his inability to convince his fellow Faithfuls.

The 30-year-old initially kept himself at a distance from his fellow contestants as he feared getting “emotionally involved” would cloud his vision.

However, Jaz soon found himself opening up.

During an episode of The Traitors, Jaz shared a poignant tale about his family.

He revealed that his life took a profound turn when he learned about his father leading a double life with a second family and, astonishingly, being a grandfather.

Jaz confessed: “That level of betrayal is just difficult to experience at a young age, so then you start to think ‘can you trust people?’ like that’s my dad. That is painful. 

“When your dad is your idol, you don’t want to be told that he’s not what he was supposed to be…

“My father was a central piece of the jigsaw, so when you take that central piece out, it’s almost like a Jenga block that comes crashing down.

“And slowly but surely I’m in the process of building up my family because that was absolutely devastating.”

The Highs & Lows of Jaz Singh on 'The Traitors

Jaz also brought everyone on his side after being the only Faithful to be suspicious of Paul being a Traitor.

Addressing the camera, he said: “[I] never take kindness for weakness because I’ve been through so much in my life after having quite a rocky upbringing.

“I know what it’s like to be lied to, so I don’t trust anyone in this place.”

He saw through his fellow players’ crocodile tears, fake shakes, and masterful behaviour control, leaving viewers thoroughly impressed.

Jaz is now one of the only players to be suspicious of Harry. But he has been contemplating whether to voice these suspicions over fears it could backfire.

It now remains to be seen if it is too late for Jaz to win over his fellow Faithfuls.

Although The Traitors UK is set to come to an end, fans will be delighted to know that three international versions of the popular show will be available on BBC iPlayer in 2024.

Directly after the finale and the final episode of The Traitors: Uncloaked on BBC Two, the second series of The Traitors Australia begins on BBC Three.

Later in the year, the second season of The Traitors US and the first season of The Traitors New Zealand will also be coming to BBC iPlayer.

Although the release dates for these series are yet to be announced, there is a lot to look forward to.

Announcing the international series, Director at BBC iPlayer and Channels Dan McGolpin said:

The Traitors is one of the most thrilling shows around and the BBC will be following up on the latest UK series with more from Australia, New Zealand and the US, with all of this treachery to be available across 2024 on BBC iPlayer.”

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