The jet-setting lifestyle of ‘The Traitors’ Star Jaz Singh

BBC’s ‘The Traitors’ has got Britain hooked but away from the show, Jaz Singh enjoys living a lavish lifestyle.

The lavish lifestyle of 'The Traitors' Star Jaz Singh f

"The thing is everyone wants the money"

BBC’s The Traitors has got Brits enthralled and among the contestants is Jaz Singh.

The Traitors features a group of contestants participating in a game similar to the party game Mafia.

A small group of contestants become the ‘Traitors’ and must work together to eliminate the other contestants to win the grand prize.

The remaining contestants become ‘Faithful’ and must discover and banish the ‘Traitors’ by voting them out to win the grand prize.

On the popular BBC show, globe-trotting Jaz shared a poignant tale about his family.

The lavish lifestyle of 'The Traitors' Star Jaz Singh

In a candid conversation with his co-stars, the national account manager disclosed that his life took a profound turn when he learned about his father leading a double life with a second family and, astonishingly, being a grandfather.

Jaz said: “That level of betrayal is difficult to experience at a young age. You start to think, can you trust people?”

Despite uncovering the heartbreaking truth, Jaz has continued to indulge in his opulent lifestyle, embarking on getaways to destinations like New York, Dubai, Marbella, Barcelona, Lisbon and Dublin.

Hailing from Manchester, Jaz regularly posts a collection of snapshots from his travels on Instagram, often featuring his stunning fiancée.

Frequently jetting off to exotic destinations, the 30-year-old Jaz is poised to make use of his potential cash prize from The Traitors, should he emerge victorious, to fund even more extravagant getaways.

He said: “The thing is everyone wants the money, for all sorts of different reasons, so that’s just going to cloud my vision if I start to get emotionally involved in everyone’s story.

“But for me, I want to go all the way. The last man standing.”

In December 2023, he embarked on a journey to New York with his fiancée Harneet Kaurl.

Jaz can also be found in Dubai, soaking up the sun and showing off his toned physique.

In August 2021, Jaz orchestrated a romantic gesture, going above and beyond by proposing to Harneet on a rooftop terrace, against the backdrop of the cityscape.

Sharing pictures of the lavish engagement, Jaz captioned the post:

“All the years we put in this relationship, I knew we’d make it this far!! Can’t wait to start our lives together.”

The Traitors star can also be spotted dining out at fancy restaurants in his home town of Manchester.

When he is not travelling, Jaz is watching football.

A massive Manchester United fan, Jaz frequently attends Old Trafford.

The lavish lifestyle of 'The Traitors' Star Jaz Singh 2

Jaz still remains in The Traitors but series one winner Hannah Byczkowski believes he made an error that could see him ‘murdered’ by rival Paul Gorton.

Although a ‘Faithful’, Jaz suspects Paul is actually a ‘Traitor’.

Jaz has already voted for Paul during the roundtable and has openly expressed his suspicions.

He even cautioned Harry to scrutinise Paul’s involvement if he were to meet an unfortunate fate.

In the latest episode, Paul confronted Jaz, asserting that he believed the suspicions were resolved after a prior discussion.

Acknowledging that Harry had informed him about Jaz’s concerns, the Traitor confirmed that it added to Jaz’s lingering doubts.

Although Jaz, in front of Paul and the group, announced that he no longer harboured suspicions, he privately confessed to still being sceptical.

Hannah recommended that he present evidence to the entire group and refrain from private discussions with Paul.

Hannah warned that Jaz needs to “speak loud and clear” about his suspicions.

She also suggested that talking to Paul “secretly” is a “recipe for getting murdered”.

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