Sanam Saeed says Bollywood Stars are ‘Unattainable’

Sanam Saeed compared the distinct cultures of India and Pakistan, stating that Bollywood stars are “unattainable”.

Sanam Saeed says Bollywood Stars are 'Unattainable' f


“But the whole of Pakistan has been raised on Bollywood"

Sanam Saeed compared the shared yet distinct cultures of India and Pakistan. She said that Bollywood stars are “unattainable”.

In an interview, the actress was open about the differences in arts and culture of the neighbouring countries.

Sanam Saeed claimed that entertainment artists such as actors and musicians in Pakistan are more attainable, “unlike Bollywood”.

She pointed out the differences in how stardom and fan followings are defined in both countries.

Sanam noted: “Unlike Bollywood, we are not unattainable film stars.

“We are in their house, every day, in their living rooms, with their families. We are part of their families.

“There is a very deep connection that the public has with us artists, because of the intimacy of the connection thanks to the drama industry.”

The actress highlighted the growth of Pakistan’s entertainment industry in recent years.

She said: “I am more of a Hollywood binge-watcher.

“But the whole of Pakistan has been raised on Bollywood, from our grandparents to us.

“We know Madhubala, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

“We have seen all the generations.

“We have grown-up consuming Bollywood, the song, the dance, the culture, the way they eat, the way they do puja (prayer).”

However, the actress complained about how India may not be aware of the cultural nuances between the two countries:

“We know what happens in India. But Indians don’t know what happens in Pakistan.

“Indians don’t know anything about Pakistani culture. The way we eat, how we are.

“The way we wear salwar kameez or tie our hair, there are these minor differences.”

“We know the difference between what an Indian choti (braid) is, but I don’t think India knows what the Pakistani choti (braid) is like.

“These small nuances are there.”

Sanam Saeed also gave gratitude to the streaming services that made the programme accessible to viewers throughout the world.

She believes that Indian viewers now have more insight into Pakistani culture by being exposed to Pakistani entertainment:

“Then India saw, ‘Oh this is how they wear their clothes, this is how they interact’, how independent women are here also.

“That was interesting to see.”

On the personal front, Sanam fueled relationship rumours after her 2022 recap video on Instagram showed Mohib Mirza on numerous occasions.

On a podcast, Mohib revealed details about his connection with Sanam. He said:

“Sanam means beloved and Mohib means a lover and rest is self-explanatory.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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