Sadaf Kanwal faces Backlash for Remarks about Women

Sadaf Kanwal has faced a lot of backlash for her answer to: “Is it true that a woman is the biggest enemy of another woman?”

Sadaf Kanwal faces Backlash for Remarks about Women f

"Ya that's why you broke a woman's house."

Pakistani actress and model Sadaf Kanwal has come under fire following a viral interview clip.

She faced criticism for her remarks against women.

Sadaf appeared on a show and the host asked her the question:

“Is it true that a woman is the biggest enemy of another woman?”

Sadaf caused a lot of controversy when she agreed with the host. She explained that it is not in every field, but in most cases, women are mostly enemies of other women.

The clip went viral and it angered a lot of netizens.

One person said: “Ya that’s why you broke a woman’s house.”

Another commented: “Wow look who is talking! A notorious ‘home breaker’ LOL!!!”

A third user wrote: “Who else can better understand than her, she practically proves that a woman’s biggest enemy is another woman.”

Many others referred to Sadaf as a “homewrecker”.

The comments were in relation to her impromptu marriage to actor Shahroz Sabzwari.

The marriage caused a lot of outrage due to it taking place a few months after Shahroz divorced Syra Yousaf due to “irreconcilable differences”.

It is believed the reason behind their split was because of Shahroz’s illicit relationship with Sadaf, a rumour both had previously denied.

Shahroz released a video in which he denied the speculations and claimed Sadaf was just his friend.

But shortly after, Shahroz and Syra divorced and in May 2020, Shahroz and Sadaf married.

While her remarks about women angered many, some came to her defence.

One person said: “Stop bullying her.

Another wrote: “The comments on this post are sick. Shame on people for bullying her just because she married Shahroz.”

Shahroz and Sadaf previously spoke about the criticism they had received.

Shahroz had said “Our elders told us a very good thing. They said ‘a group can’t reach its destination if it has stopped in its way to react on barking dogs’.

“So yes, we reached our destination and let haters bark at our marriage.”

Sadaf Kanwal added: “We learnt from that hate and had fun with it.”

She went on to reveal how she has handled the personal attacks.

“Do you think from my face or my style that it affected me? I have such an amazing husband, father-in-law and family that I don’t need anyone.

“It’s not a big deal which happened to me at my wedding because it has happened with a lot of people before.

“I don’t care basically. I am requesting haters to keep saying as it will take away my sins.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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