Sadaf Kanwal wins hearts with Birthday Post for Stepdaughter

Sadaf Kanwal took to Instagram to share a sweet birthday wish for her stepdaughter Nooreh, winning hearts.

Sadaf Kanwal wins hearts with Birthday Post for Stepdaughter f

"I really admire Sadaf for this!”

Sadaf Kanwal was recently praised after she posted a birthday wish for her stepdaughter Nooreh.

She took to Instagram and shared a photo of her daughter with Nooreh.

Sadaf wrote: “It’s your 9th birthday, my little princess, so have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

“You are simply the best! Happy ninth birthday Nooreh baba!”

The picture was met with love and affection from fans, and Sadaf was praised for redefining the relationship between a stepmother and her stepchild.

One comment read: “That’s how stepmoms should behave. I really admire Sadaf for this!”

Another wrote: “It is so good to see stepmums acting sensibly [while] dealing with kids as they get to grow in a better environment and their childhood does not suffer.”

Another fan pointed out that it is always the public who try to cause conflict in celebrity lives, writing:

“They all get along quite well but our public still has issues. They all must laugh at how stupid this nation is.”

Shahroz Sabzwari also wished his firstborn a birthday wish on Instagram. Sharing two photos of his daughter’s selfies, he wrote:

“You know how to take selfies now! Happy Birthday Baba’s life. Always be proud of who you are, for I am your biggest fan, and I love seeing that beautiful smile on your nine-year-old face.”

The post received a lot of love from fans of the actor as they all commented to wish Nooreh a happy birthday.

One comment read: “Happy birthday to this cutie pie.”

Another read:

“Masha’Allah! Happy birthday Nooreh! May every happiness be yours.”

Sadaf Kanwal is married to Shahroz Sabzwari. He was previously married to Syra Yousuf but the pair divorced in 2020. Soon after, Shahroz married Sadaf.

The news of the marriage created waves on social media and Sadaf was initially labelled a “homewrecker”.

Over time, Sadaf eventually won the hearts of Syra’s fans when they witnessed the relationship the two women had and how she treated Nooreh.

The two women were applauded further when Sadaf gave birth to her daughter and photographs were shared of the youngster at Syra’s house.

Recently, Sadaf was seen at the promotions of the movie Babylicious which stars Shahroz and Syra.

The women were seen embracing one another, and Sadaf offered her congratulations on the release.

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