Uorfi Javed harassed by ‘Drunk Men’ on Flight

Uorfi Javed revealed that during a flight to Goa, she was harassed by a group of men, who were believed to be drunk.

Uorfi Javed harassed by 'Drunk Men' on Flight f

"Public figure YES, Public property NO."

Uorfi Javed said she was the victim of harassment during a flight from Mumbai to Goa.

The Bigg Boss OTT star took to Instagram to say that she was harassed by a group of men, who said “nasty things” to her.

She shared a video of the incident on her Instagram Story, showing some of the men sitting next to her and in front of her.

Others stood up but all of them were laughing at the remarks being made.

Uorfi muted the video and wrote: “While travelling from Mumbai to Goa on one of the flights yesterday I had to go through harassment.

“The men in this video were saying nasty things, eve teasing and calling names.

“When I confronted them one of them said that their friends were drunk. Being drunk is no excuse to misbehave with women.

“Public figure YES, Public property NO.”

Uorfi Javed harassed by 'Drunk Men' on Flight

Since exiting Bigg Boss OTT, Uorfi Javed has become known for her bold fashion sense. This has led to her being subjected to trolling.

Uorfi has also endured a troublesome childhood.

She previously revealed that her pictures once appeared on a porn site when she was a teenager.

Uorfi said:

“When I was 15, someone uploaded my picture on a porn site.

“It was a normal picture. I uploaded it wearing a tube top as my Facebook profile photo.

“Someone downloaded them and uploaded it on a porn site without morphing, without anything.

“Slowly, everyone got to know about it.

“Everyone started blaming me a lot. I was told I am a pornstar. I was like ‘Where is the video?’ But they said, ‘No, no she is a pornstar’.

“Even my father was like ‘she is a pornstar’. I think my father was trying to gain sympathy from all this.

“He was telling everyone that porn site people are asking for Rs. 50 Lakh. He told our relatives.

“I was like that isn’t possible but I couldn’t say anything because they were beating me up at home. I was so confused that ‘I am the victim here, why are you hitting me?’

“But they were not ready to believe it… I endured that for two years. It was just too much to take from relatives, my own father. I was 17 when I ran away.”

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