Stunning Bandhej Sarees to Give You a Royal Look

Warm reds and cool blues make for an exquisite collection of traditional Bandhej sarees. Find inspiration from these regal Desi outfits that are perfect for any occasion.

Stunning Bandhej Sarees to Give You a Royal Look

this peacock-inspired Bandhej saree is simply exquisite

The royalty of Rajasthan and Gujarat is best expressed through their stunning Bandhej Sarees.

An exquisite creation that makes use of the centuries-long tradition of tie-dye textiles or Bandhani designs that have become synonymous to regional parts of India.

The intricate detailing of these unique designs has spread far and wide. But where better to celebrate their beauty than in a beautifully regal saree?

This collection of Royal Bandhej Sarees on Kekee Impex (India) showcases the alluring charm of the Rajasthani print. Priced around INR Rs 895, it has never been easier to add the glamour of regional India to your saree collection.

A mix of georgette and embroidery, these Bandhej Sarees are a perfect choice for any Desi party or occasion.

Take this extraordinary pink and yellow Bandhej saree as an example. The detailed print of the pallu is a perfect contrast to the bold mustard yellow of the skirt.

We love the blending of the yellow into the pink towards the bottom of the outfit. The ensemble is finished with an embroidered border.

The plain round-neck blouse also features the same border around the sleeves.

For those looking for a pink-red contrast to their Desi outfit, this saree is simply stunning to gaze upon.

Featuring a check effect of the bandhani paisley print, the pallu mixes together red-orange and shocking pink.

The blouse itself is a delicate gold shade which nicely tones down the bolder colours of the saree.

The same red border with gold embroidery can be found on both the pallu and the sleeves.

For a complete alternative to the feminine reds and pinks, this peacock-inspired Bandhej saree is simply exquisite. Allow your eyes to gaze upon the varying shades of green and blue.

While the skirt maintains a shamrock green colour, this eventually blends into a beautiful emerald.

The pallu meanwhile mixes light and dark tones, from parakeet green to cerulean and cobalt blue.

The embroidered border that features on both the drape and sleeves of the blouse is simple yet effective.

The gold sits beautifully next to blocks of gold threadwork, giving the overall saree a truly regal feel.

Splashes of pink, orange, red and gold all come together in this geometric Bandhani design.

The pink and orange look particularly good against the elegant gold border with red and gold thread work.

A matching gold blouse elevates the ensemble, giving it a truly royal look.

Add to this outfit with silver tribal jewellery as a perfect accessory alongside the red and multicoloured hair paranda.

This next look is simply breathtaking in its extraordinary use of colour. The vibrancy of the cobalt blue against the purple, red and orange make it a must have addition to your Desi wardrobe.

The multicoloured print is rounded off with a gold and red border. While we see spiral motifs stretching across the edges on the pallu.

The burnt orange blouse also features an intricately embroidered gold border around the sleeves.

This dramatic bridal red of the blouse perfectly matches this Bandhej saree design.

Mixing again traditional hues of pink, orange and red in a block colour effect, the pallu features a gold border with a scalloped hemline.

Complete the look with woven khusse and a silver tribal necklace.

We adore this sunset orange saree design. The ombré effect of the lighter orange into a deeper hue is stunning, and we also love to hints of parakeet green at certain points of the pallu.

The saree is offset with a plain gold blouse. The same red, green and gold border design features on the neckline and the pallu.

Similar to the peacock-inspired saree mentioned above, this Bandhej design features more print detail on the skirt, against green and blue block segments.

Contrasting the bright colours of the saree is a heavy gold striped border at the base of the skirt.

The multicoloured ombré effect of this saree is truly breathtaking. Bold in its use of unabashed colour, reds mix chaotically with orange and pink.

Adding to the ensemble is a sunset orange blouse complete with a golden-hue border. Simply magical!

From warming reds and yellows to cooler greens and blues, these Bandhej sarees are a perfect fashion statement for any party or occasion.

Standout from the crowd with the dynamic colours and tribal jewellery for a complete Rajasthani and Gujarati-inspired look.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at more stunning royal Bandhej saree designs in our gallery below:

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Images courtesy of KeKee Impex (India)