Punjabi Women buy the Most Sex Toys in India

A new sex survey has emerged, claiming that Punjabi women buy the most sex toys in India with Gujarati men not too far behind.

Covid-19 Lockdowns have led to Indian Sex Toys Increase f

Punjabi women placed more orders for items such as arousal oils

A new survey has revealed that Punjabi women buy the most sex toys in India. In addition, they topped the list for buying the most ‘sexcitement products’.

Created by online sex shop, named ThatsPersonal, the survey explored how the country is embracing the sex toy market.

Despite India ranking as the fifth most sexually-active country in the world, it appears more and more Indians are buying online products for their sex lives.

ThatsPersonal analysed over 8,000 online orders made from 2016. The company also explored 52 months of internal traffic on their website, customer interactions and surveys. Now, they have released their findings.

The survey found 62% of their customers are male, while 38% are female. Yet Punjabi women topped the list in terms of the number of Indian women buying sex toys in 2016. In addition, their choice of sex toys differed greatly from other states, indicating that Punjabi sex is definitely enhancing its excitement.

Intimate massagers ranked as the most popular sex toy bought among Indian women. However, Punjabi women placed more orders for items such as arousal oils. Known as ‘sexcitement products’ on ThatsPersonal, the survey concluded that they liked “extra pleasure”.

The company also compiled a list of the top states who bought the most sex toys. Maharastra landed the No.1 spot, followed by Karnataka at No.2 and West Bengal at No.3.

While Gujarat entered the list at No.6, it became three times kinkier during Navaratri. During this time, sales of condoms, edible body paints and more increase in the region.

ThatsPersonal also explored the most popular type of sex toy in each state. While Punjabi women enjoyed their ‘sexcitement products’, Telangana men bought the highest number of men thongs. Assam was deemed as India’s “kinkiest state”, as most of their orders contained BDSM products.

Punjabi Women buy the Most Sex Toys in India

With these findings now released, it reflects the changing Indian attitudes towards sex toys, particularly with women. While in years past, women may have felt embarrassed or uncomfortable with even the thought of such products, times have now changed.

Instead, it appears that all over the country they are now embracing sex toys and the benefits that they can bring, especially since the growth of online shops selling these sex products.

As Indians begin to experiment in the bedroom, perhaps in time sex toys may not fall under the ‘obscene act’, allowing shops and retailers to sell them like any other product, in addition to online.

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Image courtesy of ThatsPersonal.

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