Sexpiration leads the way for Sex Toys in India

An innovative online adult store is paving the way for better sex in India. offers an incredible range of sex toys, accessories and lingerie to please any man and woman. DESIblitz finds out more.


“Over 90 per cent of population is excited about our store and wants to purchase something."

Sex toys are becoming a big market in India and is leading the way.

The online portal offers its customers a wide range of sex toys, lubricants, garments and other accessories, ideal for amorous couples looking to spice up their love life.

In the land of Kama Sutra, pleasurable sex has never been so attainable. Over the years, numerous sex shops have popped up across the nation, both in the major cities and online.

Sexpiration differs with its approach to reviewing and understanding real customer needs in India, a country not yet fully accustomed to sex toy use.

Sexpiration BDSM Gradually, we have seen a change in attitudes to how sex is perceived on cinema screens and in lifestyle magazines. Actresses are dressing up in raunchy lingerie for photoshoots and sexual play is more openly being displayed in Bollywood films.

Even Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Singh are openly endorsing enjoyable and safe sex to all highlighting that India’s modern generation is harnessing sexual fun as part of relationships and becoming more adventurous.

Globally, the sex toy industry is worth almost $15 billion, and is growing by 30 per cent each year. In the West, stores like Ann Summers and Lovehoney have opened customers up to the idea of more enjoyable sex, and now India with the likes of is keen to introduce Indian customers to the same.

While sex is still in many cases somewhat of a taboo in the country, the majority of Sexpiration customers are in fact male, making up 55 per cent of site visitors and 75 per cent of final purchases.

SexpirationThese are the younger generation of men between 25 and 35 who make up 40 per cent of orders.

Speaking exclusively to, Dhruv Amin, Head of Marketing and Sales at, revealed some interesting facts about sex in India:

“Indians are known to be frequent visitors of sexual destinations. Be it Tashkent in Kazakhstan or Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand due to lack of adventure and fun available in the sex life of Indians.

“This made us ponder and wonder – that there exists a huge need for a business like ours. We considered we are doing somewhat of a social cause which is at the same highly exciting, and that just turned us on.”

“Apart from that, people are really discreet even while buying Lingerie and that made us feel huge need for products such as these,” Dhruv says.

Fleshlight With women still shy about expressing their love for sex, Sexpiration also found that men are willing to buy female products as gifts for their sexual partners, as well as for themselves.

As Dhruv explains, Sexpiration was created on the basis that Indian attitudes towards sex and pleasurable sex are evolving, and more and more couples are keen to know about sex and have fun while doing it.

Of its many products, Sexpiration offers customers the chance to choose something for any special sexual occasion; from toys designed specifically for men, women and couples, to BDSM accessories, role-play costumes and condoms.

Some of its bestselling products include Fleshlights, Handsome Up Penis Pumps, and Vibrating Rings:

“Over 90 per cent of population is excited about our store and wants to purchase something or other. Considering it is something totally new to Indians, we provide detailed pictures with description.

Sexpiration “For some products, we even have videos. Still we get lots of emails asking clarifications about products on email or phone. We also write blogs constantly to enhance people’s knowledge about sex toys.”

Dhruv adds that it is Indian men are very keen to learn more about satisfying their partners compared to women currently. Common concerns include not being to satisfy their partners, insecurities about their manhood, how do the toys feel, and premature ejaculation.

These kind of queries lead to offering customised advice to help such customers get the most out of the sex toys and products on offer.

While Sexpiration celebrates India’s cultural awakening towards sex, it is also sensitive to the privacy of its individual customers. Customers have a guarantee that their products, whatever they may be, will be delivered safely using discreet packaging.

Sexpiration.comSexpiration also allows easy accessibility to sex toys wherever you may be. And without the fear of exposing your private lives, Indian couples are secure knowing that they and their purchases are completely secure. is spearheading the growth of the sex toy industry in India. While the store offers popular Western products, the company has noticed that not all products popular in the West are enjoyed in India, and for that reason it offers an even wider range of sex toys to suit their local customers.

This means couples and individuals are be able to buy the right products for their specific needs, be it a beginner, intermediate or advanced user for a pleasurable lifestyle.

So, if you are looking at spicing up your sex life as an Indian couple, or a man or woman looking at enhancing your personal pleasure, visit to discover the amazing world of sex toys, lingerie and adult fun.

Prem has a rich interest in social sciences and culture. He enjoys reading and writing about issues affecting his and future generations. His motto is 'Television is chewing gum for the eyes' by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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