Soumyadip Rakshit invents Crescendo ~ ‘World’s Best Sex Toy’

Soumyadip Rakshit, the man behind Mystery Vibe, releases a new, unique sex toy. Called Crescendo, this vibrator is designed to suit all your needs!

Soumyadip Rakshit invents Crescendo ~ 'World's Best Sex Toy'

Within 18 months, "1,000 backers from 50 countries" made the sex toy become a reality.

Soumyadip Rakshit, the co-founder of MysteryVibe, has invented a new vibrator that’s already dubbed as the “world’s best female sex toy”.

MysteryVibe launched the vibrator, entitled Crescendo, with the aim of designing the ideal sex toy for all your needs.

The key message behind Crescendo is: “It’s all about me.” The sex toy is able to achieve this message as users can change its shape as it’s completely bendable.

Also with different vibration settings, women can now own a sex toy which suits their body and level of desire.

Speaking to ScoopWhoop, Soumyadip went into more detail on the invention. He also explained how the company launched an app to go with Crescendo. He said:

“You can also change the way it vibrates by using MysteryApp to add to the experience with new vibes and partner play through live control. We continuously update the app to make it more and more fun and it comes free so you never get bored with your Crescendo!”

Soumyadip Rakshit invents Crescendo ~ 'World's Best Sex Toy'

The invention of the vibrator became successful after MysteryVibe launched a crowdfunding campaign for it. They received a massive, positive response and within 18 months, “1,000 backers from 50 countries” made the sex toy become a reality.

Soumyadip gave particular praise to the vibrator’s test group. He said: “We couldn’t have asked for a more diverse and responsive test group than this.”

His name may ring a bell to some, as DESIblitz spoke to the inventor back at Sexpo 2015. At the convention, he talked about the unique vibrator and highlighted some of its features.

Watch the DESIblitz’ coverage of Sexpo 2015:


While they have enjoyed the success of Crescendo, Soumyadip’s company also hold talks on sex and pleasure. They believe these crucial elements for a healthy sex life become ignored topics in conversation, especially in India.

However, the MysteryVibe CEO even revealed that some Indians have pre-ordered the vibrators. Some of their investors also came from India.

Therefore, the company are looking to expand into the country’s market.

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Images courtesy of MysteryVibe, their Twitter and Soumyadip Rakshit's Twitter.

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