3D Highlighter Palette by Huda Beauty is a Must Have

Brace yourselves and your makeup bags! DESIblitz is revealing all we know about Huda Beauty’s upcoming 3D Highlighter Palette.

3D Highlighter Palette by Huda Beauty is a Must Have

"Although it's not technically contouring, you are adding that dimension and sculpting effect."

Huda Kattan, the beauty diva of social media, is all set to launch her 3D Highlighter Palette for April 2017.

Widely known as Huda Beauty, the Dubai-based trailblazer owns blogs and social media pages, posting and re-posting makeup looks, beauty tutorials and hacks.

Often praised for her funky, yet, forward beauty posts, and trying new and sometimes strange tricks, Huda once used a silicone bra filler as a makeup sponge! Famously known as the ‘boobie blender’ trick, it was much appreciated by her fans, that it actually works!

Popular with hair, health and beauty, she has created her own empire with eyelashes, liquid lipsticks, and eye shadow palettes. Videos of her lengthy queues and women fighting for her products have gone viral.

Her next venture, that took 18 months to prepare, is the most beautiful 3D Highlighter Palette you will ever see. Easy to spot, with a cover that is graced by her glamorous self, oozing in the highlighter.

So, get ready to emphasise those features with the Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette, and create a shimmery glow to add dimension to your cheekbones.

3D Highlighter Palette

3D Highlighter Palette by Huda Beauty is a Must Have

Two ultra-slim 4-pan palettes, available in gold and pink tones, include a blush and a bronzer.

Yet, it is recommended that those with fair to medium complexions, use the Pink Sands Palette. While those with a medium to dark skin tone, use the Golden Sands Palette.

The pretty distinctive compact displays an image of Huda, posing with a metallic shimmering cheekbone and matching eyeshadow. Clearly illustrating that the product can be used to highlight both the eyes and the cheeks.

Speaking to Pop Sugar in an exclusive video, Huda says:

“Although it’s not technically contouring, you are adding that dimension and sculpting effect.”

Huda looks dazzling on the front, with a glowing and sparkly appearance. She further explains that:

“Highlighter can really magnify any makeup, but there are concerns for people with larger pores as the pigments tend to emphasise skin unevenness.”

Given this, the 3D Highlighter Palette aims to minimise the appearance of pores for a sleeker look.

Her luminous look with a subtle gleam, suggests to us that the palette will give a rather dewy and smooth finish.

How to Apply the 3D Highlighter Palette

3D Highlighter Palette by Huda Beauty is a Must Have

Although this beauty treasure will contain a step-by-step guide, with details on how to apply each shade, DESIblitz is breaking them down for you even more!

Step 1:

Start with the cream Melted Strobe, which is the top left shade, as a base or primer, for the highlighter and to smooth out your skin.

This shade is enriched with shea butter, which is kind to the skin, giving you a natural-looking glow.

In particular, it is one of Huda’s favourites shades: “It looked just like a glow from within,” she says speaking to Pop Sugar.

Step 2:

Secondly, on top of this layer, apply the lighter shade, which is the top right colour. As a foundation for your three-dimensional highlighter.

If you like a dewy-looking, natural skin, feel free to stop at this stage.

To continue, highlighter can be applied to the high points of your face. Including the upper part of your cheeks, bridge of the nose, under your brows and above them.

A hack for making your lips look Kylie Jenner-approved, wave some highlighter onto your cupid’s bow!

Meanwhile, for those contour queens, apply the darker highlighter shade, which is the bottom left. Along with your cheekbones, to chisel out your features. But, remember, contouring is the process of creating shadows so going overboard may leave you looking roasted!

To finish your glam new look, sweep some blusher, which is the bottom right shade, onto your cheeks.

For sneak peeks and demonstrations, head over to the Instagram page of Huda Beauty. Through which, you can see her posting videos and images of artists using the palettes. As well as, looks she has done herself.

The glorious 3D Highlighter Palettes will soon be available on Shop Huda Beauty in April. And, according to the Pop Sugar, they will retail at £40.

Nikita is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. Her loves include literature, travelling and writing. She is a spiritual soul and a bit of a wanderer. Her motto is: “Be crystal.”

Images Courtesy Of: Screenshot from Pop Sugar Video Interview and Huda Beauty.

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