Sex Toy Sales are Rapidly Increasing in India

Sex toy sales are skyrocketing in India, according to online sex shop studies. Despite being seen as “taboo”, sex toys have become more accessible.

Sex Toy Sales are Rapidly Increasing in India

"People are getting more outspoken about it these days."

Data collected by online sex shops show that sex toy sales have rapidly increased in India.

This may sound surprising to some, as many often consider sex toys as a taboo. And India has banned them in the country under Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code.

The findings, shared by and, show that people have swiftly changed their attitudes on the controversial gadgets.

DESIblitz reported how Indian women become more familiar with sex toys, but it now seems India as a whole want them.

Even more surprising, the data suggests that small towns buy more sex toys than big metropolitan cities. Different online sex shops have revealed that small villages comprise of most of their customer base.

Raj Armani, co-founder of, said: “On an average, 37 per cent orders are from non-metros … in terms of order quantity, and they are 46 per cent of our revenues.”

But what lies behind this increase in sex toy sales overall?

The CEO of, VS Harikumar puts it down to better accessibility. He believes:

“People are getting more outspoken about it these days. They are talking about it amongst their friends and aren’t shy anymore.”

He also suggested that the appearance of them in web series such as Bang Baaja Baaraat allows better understanding.

Another factor that contributes to the rise in sex toy sales is the introduction of online shopping.

Online shopping allows people greater access to items they cannot normally find in physical shops. Samir Saraiya, owner of suggests:

“As shoppers, their orders are large and they focus a lot on BDSM (an umbrella term for a variety of erotic practices). Compared to other states and regions, more progressive adult products are really popular in the Northeast.”

The wedding season also sparks a great interest in sex toys. Website, reported a traffic increase of 80%, as well as an increase in sales of 40%. It’s possible that during the honeymoon period, couples seem keen to experiment in their sex lives.

The increase in sex toy sales means good news for these businesses. But it remains unclear how this increase in sales suddenly began.

However, it seems definite that Indians are now embracing sex toys and bringing them into the bedroom.

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