Indian CEO creates the World’s Best Sex Toy

Flexible but rigid. Powerful but sensual. Crescendo is the greatest sex toy of all time, brought to you by MysteryVibe, co-founded by an Indian developer.

Crescendo is created by MysteryVibe, a British sex toy company co-founded by Soumyadip Rakshit.

The revolutionary sex toy is designed to run for two hours non-stop at full intensity.

Ladies! Are you ready to meet your new best friend? ‘Crescendo’ is the perfect vibrator that you have secretly longed for.

The smart sex toy is created by MysteryVibe, a British sex toy company co-founded by Soumyadip Rakshit.

Described as ‘greatest vibrator of all time’, Crescendo promises sexual pleasure you have never felt before.

With a unique design, users can freely bend and twist the vibrator into any shape to stimulate anywhere in any way they want.

It is powered by six motors and paired with the MysteryApp. Users can generate customised levels of vibrations to suit their moods – whether you are feeling naughty or nice.

Recognising music as a crucial element for enjoying sex, MysteryVibe has introduced a music-mixer style app to enhance the user experience.

Rakshit, an alumnus of the University of Kalyani, said: “Think of it as an iPod, with the vibes as songs.”

If you are feeling lonely, try sharing your favourite vibration settings with other users!


This revolutionary sex toy is equipped with wireless charging abilities, and a 500mAH battery ‘designed to run for two hours non-stop at full intensity’.

It has 4GB of storage to hold all your personalised vibes in a safe place – provided that you also keep Crescendo in a secure spot in your bedroom, of course.

MysteryVibe is reportedly the first sex toy company to be listed on a crowdfunding platform. It has already raised €14,140 (£19,420) out of €50,000 (£68,690) that it needs.

Rakshit explained the reasons for choosing for launch after five years of research and design work.

He said: “What better way to connect with our very early adopters than by launching our first product through crowdfunding – directly to the people who are most excited about it.”

Get ready to meet Crescendo in November 2015!

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