Pakistani Men are Third Sexiest in the World

Pakistani men rank third sexiest in the world, beating all other traditionally exotic nationalities. DESIblitz brings you the full list!

DESIblitz cannot be more proud of Pakistani men taking the world stage in the realm of hotness!

Pakistan is also the only Asian country ranked in the top ten for men's sexiest nationality!

Believe it or not, Pakistan is the third sexiest nation for men in the world!

In a recent survey published by the website Miss Travel, over 110,000 Americans were asked to choose the hottest nationalities for both men and women.

Out of 66,309 women asked about their dating preferences, Irish men took the number one spot, closely followed by Australian men.

Pakistani men with their tantalising eyes and sexy beards came in third place, beating Italians and the Spanish by almost 4,000 votes.

Not only is India nowhere to be found on the list, Pakistan is also the only Asian country to rank in the top ten!

Much of this has been attributed to the insane popularity of One Direction’s former band member, Zayn Malik, as well as the handsome and talented Pakistani-turned-Bollywood heartthrob, Fawad Khan!

Need more proof? Check out our Top 5 Pakistani Male Models article here.

DESIblitz cannot be more proud of Pakistani men taking the world stage in the realm of hotness!On the women’s side, 44,873 men opted for a different set of nationalities as their favourite.

The crown went to Armenian women, largely thanks to the super glamourous and sexy Kardashian family.

Second place was given to Barbadian women, of which Rihanna is the most famous export, and third was American.

While Irish and Armenian may not be the most obvious winners for sexiest men and women, they do reflect some of the hottest celebrities in the limelight today.

Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and former ‘James Bond’, Pierce Brosnan, can no doubt make many women fall for their sexy Irish accents.

Not to mention Irish hottie, Jamie Dornan, who famously plays Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

As for Armenian hotness, no one can better epitomise sex appeal than the one and only Kim Kardashian. From the sex tape to that ‘glossy’ magazine cover, need we say more?

It is interesting to see that Australia, the UK and the US are the only countries featured on both lists. It certainly seems like the celebrity factor has dominated our definition of ‘sexy’!

Here is the full list of Miss Travel’s Sexiest Nationalities for 2015:


DESIblitz cannot be more proud of Pakistani men taking the world stage in the realm of hotness!

  1. Irish
  2. Australian
  3. Pakistani
  4. American
  5. English
  6. Scottish
  7. Italian
  8. Nigerian
  9. Danish
  10. Spanish


  1. Armenian
  2. Barbadian/Bajan
  3. American
  4. Colombian
  5. English
  6. Australian
  7. Brazilian
  8. Filipino
  9. Bulgarian
  10. Lebanese

DESIblitz cannot be more proud of Pakistani men taking the world stage in the realm of hotness.

Hopefully we shall get to enjoy more sexy exports like Zayn Malik and Fawad Khan in the not-too-distant future.

It probably won’t be long before they knock out the Aussie hunks and Irish gents!

In the meantime, feel free to check out our gallery of sexy Pakistani men below:

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