Priyanka Chopra says Actors ‘Do Nothing’

Priyanka Chopra made some startling comments about actors, stating they are given “too much credit” and that they “do nothing”.

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"I've always said this. Actors do nothing."

Priyanka Chopra stated that people give too much credit to actors, adding that actors “do nothing”.

The actress visited India to launch her haircare brand in the country.

During an interview, Priyanka opened up about what she thinks is the role of an actor. She said it was an amalgam of what the writers, directors, choreographers, makeup artists, stylists and others were doing.

Saying she learnt to be the “best actor” by working with the “best filmmakers”, Priyanka explained:

“This doesn’t have to do with just working with the best in the business in the States. Even when I was working in Bollywood, working with the best filmmakers taught me how to be the best actor.

“We give too much credit to actors; actors do nothing by the way. We really don’t. I’ve always said this. Actors do nothing.

“Those 30 seconds of a scene, is where I come in. And then when I talk about the movie etc. So I have a very limited role.”

Priyanka went on to say that actors work on a script written by someone else and dance to steps choreographed by someone else.

She continued: “We say out somebody else’s words, we are working on a script that is written by someone else, we are lip-syncing and singing songs that are in someone else’s voice.

“We’re dancing steps that are choreographed by somebody else.

“We are doing marketing, where questions are asked by somebody else.

“We are dressed by somebody, hair and makeup are done by somebody. So what am I doing?”

Despite her comments, Priyanka Chopra said actors face intense pressure, which is why very few people can do it.

But she admitted that it “takes a village” to make the actors who they are.

She also spoke about the importance of a work-life balance.

Admitting she was a workaholic in her 20s, Priyanka said:

“But as I got older, I realised that was absolutely wrong.”

“You burn the candle on both ends, you kind of have to nourish your soul and that only comes from family, life and friends.

“So I learned that in my 30s. I started creating a work-life balance and now I am all about that.”

Priyanka Chopra was last seen in The Matrix Resurrections with Keanu Reeves.

She will next be seen in her first-ever web series, Citadel, produced by the Russo Brothers.

She will also make her Bollywood comeback with Jee Le Zaraa, with Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt.

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