Salman Khan slams Sumbul for being ‘Obsessed’ with Shalin

On Bigg Boss 16, Salman Khan criticised Sumbul Touqeer Khan for being “obsessed” with Shalin Bhanot, leaving her in tears.

Salman Khan slams Sumbul for being 'Obsessed' with Shalin f

"Sumbul is obsessed with Shalin."

Sumbul Touqeer Khan was left in tears after Salman Khan called her out for being “obsessed” with Shalin Bhanot.

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 saw MC Stan and Shalin come to blows.

Before the fight became physical, the other housemates intervened.

Sumbul grabbed Shalin to prevent him from going to MC Stan. She then took him to another room and ranted that she does not want him to leave the room.

When Tina Datta later went to speak to Shalin about the fight, Sumbul kept intervening. This resulted in an argument, with Tina lashing out at Sumbul for not letting her talk and for acting possessively.

In a promo video for the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’, Salman Khan brought up Sumbul’s obsessive behaviour.

Salman points to the contestants before saying:

“Sumbul is obsessed with Shalin.”

Tina agreed with Salman’s comment before the host added:

“And I think Shalin is quite aware of it.”

Shalin responded: “She [Sumbul] is 20 years younger than me.”

Salman then asks: “What kind of a close friendship is this that Sumbul will not let Tina speak to Shalin for even five minutes?”

Highlighting an example of Sumbul’s behaviour, Tina said:

“When Shalin goes to the bathroom, she goes and stands outside it, waiting for him.”

Salman’s comments caused Sumbul to break down and say:

“I want to go home, I don’t want to stay here.”

Salman bluntly replies: “Then leave, who has stopped you.”

While Sumbul was left upset by the comments, many social media users agreed that her behaviour was concerning.

One asked: “Sumbul, what is wrong with you?”

Another declared: “Mark my words, Sumbul Touqueer Khan is gonna regret doing Bigg Boss.

“She herself destroyed her dignity, self-respect. And everything.”

Salman also scolded Shalin and MC Stan for their altercation, telling them:

“One is thinking himself to be Bruce Lee and one thinks himself to be Dara Singh. It would have been fun had you guys fought for real.”

When Shalin asks for a chance from Salman, the host takes off his coat and says:

“What permission do I give, to kill him?”

The actor told MC Stan: “If you are giving gaali to someone then have the power to get it back too.”

The rapper admitted he was wrong and Salman replied:

“Do I send this clip to your Ammi? See what your son is doing.”

Shalin says: “Either Stan is going or I will leave the house.”

But Salman replies: “No one is stopping you.”

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