Nishant Singh Malkani says Tunisha’s relationship affected Her

Following the tragic death of Tunisha Sharma, Nishant Singh Malkani said her relationship with Sheezan Khan might have taken its toll on her.

Nishant Singh Malkani says Tunisha's relationship affected Her f

"It’s like torture to your mind"

Nishant Singh Malkani has said that Tunisha Sharma’s relationship with Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul co-star Sheezan Khan might have taken a toll on her.

The young actress reportedly took her own life on the drama series set after she broke up with Sheezan.

Tunisha’s mother has accused Sheezan of driving her to suicide.

But his family have claimed that Tunisha’s family are the ones to blame.

Now, actor Nishant Singh Malkani has said that Tunisha’s relationship with Sheezan, along with possible work pressure, might be the real reason why she took her own life.

He said: “From all the conversations and reports, what I’ve understood is that what went wrong in Tunshia’s case is the fact that she was in a relationship with the hero of the show Sheezan Khan.

“When you are shooting for more than 12 hours a day, and you end up falling in love with your co-star and getting emotionally attached with the guy you are working with, it gets complicated.”

Nishant went on to say that as long as one’s personal life is going well, those hours feel great.

“You are with someone who makes you happy. You forget all the hard work and exertion.

“But in her case, they had a fallout. In such a scenario, you have to work with the person because of which you are going through so much pain.

“You have to see them and be with them for so many hours on a daily basis. It’s like torture to your mind, to be around them.

“And at that point, when you are emotionally broken, that person says something or does something that triggers you more, you lose it.

“Tunisha was just 20. You can’t expect a lot of maturity from someone that age.”

The actor recalled experiencing something similar.

“I was shooting and around me was a person, because of whom I was hurting. My heart was broken.

“I have been in love with somebody I once worked with. It’s been a long time but I know how difficult it can be to be around that person when all you want is that person’s love and you do not get it.

“Things turn ugly but you still have to work with them. You still have to do romantic scenes with them. You have to hold them close. It’s very difficult to deal with this mentally.”

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