Tunisha Sharma’s Mother accuses Sheezan of ‘using’ Her

Vanita Sharma, the mother of the late Tunisha Sharma, revealed further information on her daughter’s relationship with Sheezan Khan.

Tunisha Sharma's Mother accuses Sheezan of using Her f


“I want to tell you that Sheezan cheated on Tunisha."

On December 24, 2022, Tunisha Sharma allegedly committed suicide on the set of her television series Alibaba – Dastaan-e-Kabul.

Sheezan Khan her co-star was charged with aiding the suicide in accordance with Section 306 of the IPC.

In a statement on December 26, 2022, Vanita, Tunisha’s mother, alleged that her daughter was being cheated on and “used” by Sheezan Khan.

According to Tunisha’s mother, despite being involved with another woman romantically, Sheezan had pledged to marry Tunisha.

In her statement, Vanita Sharma said:

“This man should be punished.

“I want to tell you that Sheezan cheated on Tunisha.

“First, he had a relationship with her saying that he will marry her and later broke up with her.

“He already was involved with another woman in spite of which he got involved with Tunisha and used her for three to four months.

“He should be punished for that. I have lost my daughter.”

However, the accusations against Sheezan Khan are unfounded, according to his lawyer Sharad Rai.

Following Sheezan’s detention by the police, Rai gave a statement to the media in which he stated:

“Whatever has happened, the police and court are working. He (Sheezan Khan) has been produced in court.

“Allegations against him are baseless.”

Additionally, Sheezan’s lawyer stated that no proof has yet been uncovered against him.

Speaking to the media, Tunisha’s uncle claimed that the actress and Sheezan Mohammed Khan, who played her co-star in Ali Baba, were quite close.

He disclosed that Tunisha had been hospitalised prior to her death:

“Tunisha and Sheezan have been close to each other since their show’s beginning.

“About 10 days ago, Tunisha had an anxiety attack & was admitted to the hospital.

“When her mother and I went to meet her, she told us that she was wronged and cheated.

“We gauged something was wrong between them.

“Her mother asked her what the need was to get closer if the relationship was not to be kept?

“We want the culprit, whoever it is, to be punished.”

Sheezan’s family have posted a statement regarding the case. His sisters, Shafaq Naaz, Falaq Naaz and the family stated:

“It’s upsetting to see the members of the media constantly calling us and even standing below our apartment buildings.

“To everyone who’s been trying to reach out to us for a statement on the case – please allow our family privacy in this grave situation…

“We have full faith in the Indian judiciary system, and Sheezan is cooperating with the Mumbai Police through all the procedures.

“We will talk about this when the time is right, but for now, please allow us the privacy which our family deserves right now.”

During the interrogation, Sheezan Khan made some revelations. A police source quoted him saying:

“Tunisha had recently tried to commit suicide a few days before her death, but at that time I saved her and told Tunisha’s mother to take special care of her.”

He also stated that he was “so disturbed by the atmosphere in the country that emerged after the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walker” which was a Hindu-Muslim relationship.

Walker was allegedly killed by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala.

Tunisha Sharma’s uncle, Pawan Sharma, reiterated Sheezan’s involvement with other women. He told NDTV:

“Both ate in the makeup room. No one knows what happened after that. We got a call asking us to come.”

Pawan denied Sheezan Khan’s claim that Tunisha Sharma tried to commit suicide two weeks prior to the sad incident, saying:

“Never, never. She never tried to commit suicide.

“She was under a lot of stress. That’s why her mother was worried about her.”

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