Sheezan Khan’s Family addresses Accusations

In a press conference, the family of Sheezan Khan addressed the allegations in relation to Tunisha Sharma’s suicide.

Sheezan Khan's Family addresses Accusations f

"Tunisha's mother broke her phone and tried to strangulate her."

The family of Sheezan Khan held a press conference to address the allegations made by the family of the late Tunisha Sharma.

It was reported that the actress tragically took her own life on the set of the drama series Alibaba – Dastaan-e-Kabul.

Tunisha’s mother blamed her co-star Sheezan for her death, claiming that the pair were dating.

She also alleged that Tunisha took her own life after the pair split up.

Other claims made by Vanita Sharma included that Sheezan had a “secret girlfriend” and that Tunisha was “forced” to wear a hijab.

Sheezan was detained and was remanded in custody for 14 days.

On January 2, 2023, Sheezan’s family held a press conference to address the accusations.

Accompanied by Sheezan’s lawyer, Shailendra Mishra, his sisters Falaq Naaz, Shafaq Naaz and his mother refuted the claims made by Vanita.

They also claimed that Tunisha was mistreated by her own family.

Mr Mishra said: “Tunisha’s so-called uncle Pawan Sharma was her former manager, he was fired four years ago because he used to interfere a lot and behave harshly with her.

“Tunisha and Sanjeev Kaushal (an uncle in Chandigarh) had terrible relations.

“Sanjeev Kaushal and her mother, Vanita used to control Tunisha’s finances. Tunisha often pleaded in front of her mother for her own money.

“Tunisha used to panic a lot upon hearing the name of Sanjeev Kaushal. On the instigation of Sanjeev Kaushal, Tunisha’s mother broke her phone and tried to strangulate her.

“Sanjeev Kaushal and Tunisha’s mother used to control Tunisha’s life.”

Mr Mishra alleged that Tunisha’s family were responsible for her anxiety and depression prior to her death.

Addressing the allegations made by Vanita, Shafaq Naaz said the photo of Tunisha wearing a hijab was actually from Alibaba – Dastaan-e-Kabul, not real life.

She said:

“The picture of Tunisha in hijab being circulated is from the set of the show which was part of the shoot.”

“It can be seen. We never made her wear hijab, it was from the channel.”

Falaq Naaz added: “Sheezan didn’t have any other girlfriend. That girl was called for recording her statement. There’s no secret girlfriend.

“Tunisha’s mother accepted that she has been neglecting Tunisha and that she didn’t take care of her. Tunisha’s depression was due to her childhood trauma.”

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