Mir Sabbir faces backlash after Labelling Ishrat Payel ‘Naked’

Bangladeshi actor Mir Sabbir has come under fire for commenting on Ishrat Payel’s low-cut outfit, labelling her “naked”.

Mir Sabbir faces backlash after Labelling Ishrat Payel 'Naked' f

"you have no right to bully me"

Bangladeshi actor Mir Sabbir has come under fire for inappropriately commenting on Ishrat Payel’s clothes.

Mir was a judge on the Mrs Universe Bangladesh contest while Ishrat was the host.

Mir was called to the stage and Ishrat asked him to say a few words in Barishal’s dialect.

The actor looked at Ishrat’s low-cut top and said:

“Hey girl, why are you standing here all naked?”

Mir then abruptly left the stage and Ishrat awkwardly laughed off the whole situation.

In a Facebook Live later on, Ishrat shared how she really felt about the whole situation. She said:

“I do not know if he meant it or said it in a jest. Nevertheless, he should have come and apologised to me. I hope you see this and clear the matter with me.

“If you have problems with modern clothes, you can tell your mother or sister. But you have no right to bully me in front of thousands of people.”

Ishrat’s comments have divided social media users.

Some wondered why she laughed about Mir’s remarks when she was clearly uncomfortable.

Another said: “That day maybe 10 thousand people watched this program, but now this video will be watched by 10 lakh people!!

“What better idea than to humiliate yourself for attention?”

Others told Mir Sabbir to apologise to Ishrat.

Mir’s wife Farzana Chumki opened up about the whole matter.

She said: “I have a question, have you seen the programme? Do you think Sabbir said that on purpose? He said it completely in jest.

“The girl then laughed, why are these things coming now? The girl wants everyone to talk about it.

“He is not this type of man. Why talk about the dress? Do I walk wearing a veil? I think what the girl did is very intentional.

“I did not know her. Many others in our showbiz did not know her. Now getting familiar. She is doing all this to go viral.”

Shahriar Nazim Joy, who hosts his own talk show, gave his take on the situation.

He said: “The presenter brought actor Mir Sabbir on stage to have some fun.

“And Mir Sabbir made fun of Barisal’s accent. It ended there. But the host or maybe some other people are trying to capitalise on the incident to get attention.”

Speaking about Ishrat, he continued:

“The presenter is speaking against Mir Sabbir in a somewhat indecent manner through various channels.”

“If you want to get the limelight, then come to my program. My program will keep you at the centre of discussion for a year.”

Referring to Mir Sabbir’s respect for women, the actor said:

“All actors of our generation, including Mir Sabbir, have full respect for women’s clothing and respect for women.

“If you want to troll Mir Sabbir then fine. But don’t try to disrespect him.”

Tanim is studying MA in Communication, Culture, and Digital Media. Her favorite quote is " Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it."

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