Mandira Bedi was ‘Miserable’ while hosting Cricket World Cup

Mandira Bedi recalled her “miserable” experience when she was presenting the Cricket World Cup in 2003 on television.

Mandira Bedi was 'Miserable' while hosting Cricket World Cup - F

"I would put my head down and I would cry."

Mandira Bedi remembered that she was miserable while hosting the Cricket World Cup in 2003.

The actress was one of the co-presenters for the event.

Mandira talked about how she was constantly ignored and how there was also an element of sexism on her panel.

She said: “It was not easy, because they had never had a woman sitting on the panel.

“So, the legends sitting on the left and the right, they weren’t particularly excited about having a woman on the panel.

“I would ask a question, some of my questions were really silly, irrelevant.

“But my brief was, ‘You ask the questions that come to your mind. Whatever you have in your mind, it’s not off the table, go ahead and ask’.

“So, if I have those questions in my mind, then somebody at home has got similar questions in their mind.

“I am not supposed to represent the purist, I am supposed to represent the common person.

“I would put my head down and I would cry, and people sitting on my left and right would say, ‘I will just go and get some coffee. Would you like some coffee?’ and just leave.

“I was just miserable and nobody said anything to me for the first one week.

“I was stuttering and stumbling and I was nervous, and I was not getting any support from anywhere.

“I had a co-host. His questions were acknowledged.”

Mandira went on to state that after “that one week of hell”, she started to enjoy the presentation more following her decision to become more assertive.

The star gained fame for playing Preeti Singh in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995).

Recently, she opened up on her daunting experiences shooting the film:

“I started with [the song] ‘Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna’.

“Saroj Khan, an absolute legend, and she’s telling me, ‘You are shaking your shoulders like Sunny Deol. You need to shake your hips, women shake hips’.

“To start off, the song was very hard. It would be nice had we done a few scenes and I would have eased into it.

“But the first thing we did was to shoot the song.

“It was in Filmistan and that orange and purple thing that I wore, I had never worn something like that before or since. It was an interesting outfit, and I enjoyed it.

“I mean, I enjoyed it eventually – by the end I was sort of getting the hang of shaking my hips but I wish I had started with a scene.

“It was lovely shooting with Shah Rukh Khan, because he just made me feel so comfortable.”

“He is such a natural, he is so kind. Even with my retakes with the song he was very accommodating and very nice.

Kajol also, she didn’t take to me the first few days, but eventually she did, and we all got along really well.

“It was just a really nice experience, all told, in my 22 days.

“I look back at it with a lot of gratitude, it’s definitely one for the books.”

On the work front, Mandira Bedi was last seen in The Railway Men (2023), where she played Rajbir Kaur.

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