Naga Munchetty clashes with Nigel Farage on BBC Breakfast

During BBC Breakfast, things got heated between Naga Munchetty and Reform UK’s Nigel Farage as the conversation turned to migration.

Naga Munchetty clashes with Nigel Farage on BBC Breakfast f

"Sorry, I do kind of want to clear up figures"

Things got heated on BBC Breakfast between host Naga Munchetty and Reform UK’s Nigel Farage.

During the interview, the topic turned to the issue surrounding migration.

Naga questioned: “Do you recognise that some of the language that you’ve used before and members of the Reform party have used around immigration is divisive and inflammatory?”

Nigel Farage dismissed claims that his comments have been inflammatory, insisting that net migration is running at three-quarters of a million people every year under a Conservative government.

He added: “For example, we have to provide a new home every two minutes in this country just to deal with net migration.

“I’ve argued that our infrastructure is crumbling. I’ve argued that our health service can’t cope-”

Naga quickly interrupted Farage, unsure where he was getting his information from.

She asked: “Sorry, I do kind of want to clear up figures, where did you get that every two minutes a new home is created for a migrant?”

Farage stated that in simple terms, a migrant arrives in Britain every minute.

However, Naga wanted clarity on how many people he believed entered the country.

He replied: “Well, two and a half million have come to Britain over the course of the last two years.

“In fact, one in 30 people on the streets of Britain today have come in the last two years, which is extraordinary.”

Naga Munchetty said: “Now that figure I will say, we have fact-checked that figure and that figure takes a look at the people coming in and hasn’t accounted for the people who have left.”

As Farage said half of those people are not coming to work but coming as dependents, Naga asked:

“Where did you get that figure?”

Farage seemingly avoided the question as Naga highlighted that people classed as dependents could work in the future, such as children.

He replied: “This is making us poorer, it’s very interesting. Everyone says we need net migration for GDP, the size of the national cake.

“Actually, GDP per person has fallen for the last six consecutive quarters.”

Viewers quickly praised Naga for her direct questioning.

One said: “Yes Naga! #bbcbreakfast He’s rattled.”

Another tweeted: “Oh I do enjoy watching @TVNaga01 interview @Nigel_Farage on #bbcbreakfast.

“Waited for a few minutes before pouncing on the venom he spouts. Thanks Naga. Made my morning.”

A comment read: “Naga is going to go for the throat in a minute lol#bbcbreakfast.”

A netizen wrote: “Can Charlie and Naga do all of these interviews? They were amazing!”

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