Fardeen Khan says People found Joy in his ‘Misery & Despair’

Fardeen Khan spoke about being trolled over his weight gain and said people found joy in his “misery and despair”.

Fardeen Khan says People found Joy in his 'Misery & Despair' f

"I was a worldwide trending topic at that time"

Fardeen Khan made his acting comeback with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi.

But before that, he faced a barrage of online trolling when his weight gain shocked people.

Fardeen recently revealed that he was stunned by the amount of attention he got even though he was not actively a part of films at the time.

He said: “I was surprised to have got that attention.

“But, of course, you quickly understand that people remembered you in a certain way. They were surprised to see me. I had let myself go in the way that I had.”

The actor admitted that it was “naturally painful and hurtful” to be on the receiving end of cruel comments.

He said: “I mean I was a worldwide trending topic at that time and not for the right reasons.

“The way I dealt with it… having been around the business you develop some thick skin.

“You kind of teach yourself or force yourself to not take it personally to whatever extent you can. You can find humour in it. You can philosophise about it. You can learn from it.

“For me, I tried to do all three. It was a punch and I took it on the chin.”

Fardeen Khan admitted he was “not looking after” himself at that time and “could understand why people would have the reaction like they did”.

However, he was shocked by the degree of “meanness” that people displayed.

He continued: “The intensity or the degree of meanness was a revelation.

“It does surprise you that people would find joy in someone else’s misery and despair.”

His Heeramandi co-star Sharmin Segal was also subjected to trolling for her performance on the show.

Calling it “unfortunate”, Fardeen said: “Everyone has a right to like or unlike someone’s performance.

“But this whole trolling aspect is something that’s just simply wrong and not done.

“I believe she has done a very, very decent job in Heeramandi. She had a very complex and challenging role, and she was working with some mega talent out there and for me she came across strong.

“I think it was a great start for her career.”

Fardeen said he has been the “victim” of such trolling himself and added:

“You got to develop some thick skin and yes, when it’s wrong you got to speak up and call it wrong.”

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