Man attacked Transgender Woman during Sexual Encounter

A man from Reading had a sexual encounter with a woman but when he found out she was transgender, he brutally beat her.

Man attacked Transgender Woman during Sexual Encounter f

"And then things took a very ugly turn."

Suhel Sood, aged 34, of Reading, was jailed for 16 months after he beat up a transgender woman during a sexual encounter.

Reading Crown Court heard the pair met at a party on November 14, 2020.

At the party, the victim performed a sex act on him.

Sood reached down towards the woman’s privates and discovered that she had male genitalia.

He shouted: “You’re a man!”

Sood then attacked the woman, punching her repeatedly and slamming her head onto a washing machine.

The victim was called a “dog” and forced by Sood to mop up her own blood before he allowed her to leave the party.

She had arrived earlier in the evening with a married man who was believed to be her partner.

The victim was left with two black eyes and “one continuous huge bruise from the thigh to the knee”.

Oliver Weetch, prosecuting, said the assault “arose entirely from Mr Sood discovering that she [the victim] was transgender and thereafter assaulting her”.

Tom Holmes, defending, asked the judge not to sentence Sood on the basis that he targeted the victim based on prejudice.

Mr Holmes said: “His behaviour on that night was of course despicable.

“It gives an impression of him as a reckless, aggressive and frankly unlikeable human being.”

Judge Emma Knott said Sood was “partying in a garage with others” when the victim turned up with her partner.

Judge Knott told Sood: “You were happy to entertain his girlfriend.

“You were even happy to entertain his girlfriend after Billy went home to his wife. You were in the company of an attractive woman.”

During consensual sexual activity, Sood discovered this “undeniably attractive woman was transgender”.

Judge Knott continued: “And then things took a very ugly turn.

“You were perhaps fuelled by whiskey and cocaine and flew into a rage.

“From that moment, you had no concern at all for the woman.

“You were concerned only by your own feelings.

“What you were concerned about was your reputation for fear of being a laughing stock. You sought to blame her.

“You threw words around like ‘deceit’. You accused her of raping you. There is no culpability on your part.”

“She is a woman, that is how she identifies.”

Sood admitted assault causing actual bodily harm. He was cleared of sexual assault.

Judge Knott added: “Frankly if you weren’t prepared to take the time to know more about her that is on you.

“Maybe you will be a bit more careful in the future.

“You discovered in your mind too late, you lost your temper.

“You hit her multiple times to the face, head and ear. Both eyes were black… her left eye was completely bloodshot.

“She had one continuous huge bruise from the thigh to the knee. And all of those were caused by you.

“I am not sentencing you on the basis you inflicted those injuries with a spanner or a tool.

“You must have hit her very hard. This was a repeated and quite sustained assault… it must have been.

“You have demonstrated no real remorse about your attack on her that night, particularly that element of you making her clean up her own blood.

“As if her transgender identity meant you would be contaminated by touching her own blood.”

Sood was jailed for 16 months.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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