India’s 1st Transgender Pageant Winner advocates for Equality

Naaz Joshi, India’s first transgender beauty queen, is participating in a new program to raise awareness for transgender inclusivity.

India's 1st Transgender Pageant Winner advocates for Equality f

“With title comes responsibility.”

Naaz Joshi, India’s first transgender beauty pageant winner, is advocating for gender inclusivity by participating in a new program.

Joshi recently participated in the Gender Sensitisation Program, held at New Delhi’s Sri Venkateswara College.

The program’s aim is to create awareness about the inclusiveness of the third gender in society.

Naaz Joshi, Miss World Diversity 2017-2020 and Miss Universe Diversity 2020, took part in an interactive session with some of the college’s students.

During the session, Joshi talked about her experiences as both a parent and a transgender beauty pageant winner.

She also discussed her journey to success, where she faced a lot of criticism from mainstream society.

Joshi said:

“We often hear beauty queens talking about Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela as their inspiration.

“How often do we hear them working on their promises. Most of them land up in Bollywood or sit at home with their title.

“With title comes responsibility.”

India's 1st Transgender Pageant Winner advocates for Equality - naaz joshi

Naaz Joshi broke barriers to become India’s first transgender beauty pageant winner. However, she admitted that it was not a smooth ride.

Throughout her journey, Joshi has faced abandonment and abuse. But, she believes her awards signify the start of society’s acceptance of transgender people.

Speaking in 2019 after winning Miss World Diversity for the third consecutive time, she said:

“Winning this award, I feel like I’ve not only done something for myself but my community as well.

“This win is dedicated to the transgender community. I believe the title brings responsibility and power to voice out opinions in the world.

“I would like to work with trans empowerment, HIV and AIDS kids, and domestic violence over the next year.”

Now, Naaz Joshi is filling the gender gap by organising beauty pageants for natural-born women.

By the end of 2021, she wants to put together an international beauty pageant for transgender women.

Joshi also works with various NGOs and universities to empower transgender women across India, with the goal of empowering transgender women worldwide.

Currently, she is working with Dr Nitin Shakya under his campaign Jeet, where she encourages transgender women into mainstream society.

In 2021, Naaz Joshi is competing for Empress Earth 2021-2022.

Naaz Joshi is an inspiration to millions as India’s first transgender international beauty queen.

Now, she is also passing her passion for equality onto her adopted daughter.

Joshi’s life is dedicated to both advocating for transgender rights and caring for her daughter.

According to her, she wants her daughter to live in a society free from prejudice.

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