Love Is Blind’s Deepti rejects Abhishek at Altar

Deepti didn’t get married to Abhishek at the Love Is Blind Season 2 finale. Find out what led Deepti to turn him down at the altar.

Love Is Blind’s Deepti rejects Abhishek at Altar - f

Abhishek understood what Deepti meant.

Abhishek Chatterjee, also known as Shake, spent most of Love Is Blind Season 2 talking about how he struggled to connect with Deepti Vempati.

Deepti decided that she deserved better than that by not getting married to Abhishek at the altar during the finale.

Abhishek showed many red flags in the pods as he asked women about their body types and physical attributes on a show meant to evaluate whether love can be blind.

Unlike others, Deepti came from a place of understanding with Abhishek and got engaged to him.

Throughout Love Is Blind, Deepti tried to engage with Abhishek on a physical level many times to break through his insecurities.

Going into the Love Is Blind finale, many fans worried that Abhishek would ditch Deepti at the altar and leave her heartbroken.

Having said that, viewers had some hope that he had come to his senses after watching his emotional interaction with Deepti in episode 9.

Nonetheless, Deepti told Abhishek at the altar that she couldn’t marry him, explaining that she deserved someone who was invested in her.

Despite looking a bit disappointed that he had been turned down at the altar, Abhishek understood what Deepti meant.

At their bachelorette party, Deepti had already told Iyanna that she wasn’t sure she should marry someone who didn’t feel physically attracted to her.

Abhishek’s mother had told him that Deepti didn’t deserve to be with someone who didn’t feel 100% about her.

It is clear that Deepti decided to listen to the glaring signs around her on Love Is Blind and chose to turn down Abhishek who struggled to be in a relationship with her.

Deepti, who looked stunning as a bride, gently turned Abhishek down at the altar.

Abhishek however shocked viewers when he attempted to rile up his crowd of guests after being rejected.

Many viewers stated that his attempt at “turning up the party” wasn’t appropriate behaviour for a groom who was assumedly heartbroken by his potential wife turning him down.

Many also assumed that Abhishek and Deepti wouldn’t get married on the show.

However, fans thought that he would be the one turning her down, not the other way around.

Ultimately, Deepti stood up for herself and Abhishek didn’t get married to a person he didn’t want to marry anyway.

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